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Barry Corbin In Indie Flick That Premieres Friday In Southlake

Jeff Prince
Colorful actor and Handley resident Barry Corbin is among the many Texans featured in Beyond the Farthest Star, an independent film being released on Friday. The film stars Renee O’Connor, known for her role as Xena’s budd...

FW Actor Barry Corbin Gets Some Dallas Love

Jeff Prince
You don’t fully realize how prolific, talented, and funny Fort Worth actor Barry Corbin is until you see clips of his many film and TV performances strung together in a video tribute like the one shown this weekend at the...

Cori Lynn At Lone Star In Sundance Square Saturday

Jeff Prince
Local pop singer Cori Lynn is putting on a show and releasing a new CD and music video at 3 p.m. tomorrow (Saturday) at Lone Star in Sundance Square near ESPN’s Super Bowl headquarters.   Cori Lynn’s music is...

Barry Corbin: More For Fans

Jeff Prince
Researching this week’s cover story on actor Barry Corbin (photo above) was what I’d call enjoyable work. The first time we talked, we met at 2 p.m. at his east Fort Worth home and we didn’t stop talking for 10 hours....

Lonesome Dive: Barry Corbin Files Bankruptcy

Jeff Prince
Mitch Mitchell’s story in this morning’s Fort Worth Star-Telegram was sad and surprising. Who’d a thunk an actor with so many great roles and credits such as Fort Worth’s Barry Corbin would be so strapped for cash? ...