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Sissy Spacek

Court Ruling on “Bully” (Plus, The Cinema of Bullying)

Kristian Lin
A bit of news came down this past week related to Bully, which is still playing in Tarrant County. A federal district court judge threw out the lawsuit brought by the family of Tyler Long (one of the kids whose suicide is cover...

Alex from Sioux City navigates the perils of junior high in Bully.

Bully for You

This documentary aims for importance but falls short.
This review is dedicated to my seventh-grade English teacher, who told her class one day that bullied students deserved no pity because they were too weak to stand up for themselves. This is the guidance I was getting as a smal...

Good Time Charlie

Honey, the kid’s a shrink. This teen comedy turns complex issues into big laughs.
Kristian Lin
Charlie Bartlett was supposed to come out last August. (In fact, that’s when I first saw the movie.)

Incendiary Boys

The Show
From crude, angular, and tough yet imminently accomplished, Incendiary has quickly matured and become less raw, more poppy. The band’s new e.p., Only As Hard As You Make It, isn’t just good for a local band. Based on a few ...