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DONNA DOUGLAS IN 1967 (courtesy wikipedia)

Off Asides on Dallas Cowboys vs Detroit Lions, Chokers

Jeff Prince
Today’s Off Asides is devoted to Donna Douglas, an early TV crush for young men who grew up watching The Beverly Hillbillies. The sweet but fiery Elly May Clampett is now swimming in that big cement pond in the sky. (Is it wr...


Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Detroit Lions & Dez Bryant

Jeff Prince
Dez Bryant deserves a game ball, but not for the two touchdowns he scored in yesterday’s game against the Detroit Lions. Bryant gets a game ball, game jersey, team captainship, brass ring, and free hot dogs for saying what an...

Eminem Won’t Rap Romo

Jeff Prince
Rapper Eminem is a Detroit native but his hometown NFL team has sucked so badly for so long that over the years he became a Dallas Cowboys fan. Kind of ironic, yes? Now he loves two teams that regularly rip the hearts from the ...

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Lions

Jeff Prince
I apologize to the Dallas Cowboys and fans for a remark I made during the first quarter of yesterday’s game. I’m afraid it jinxed the team. “Nice to see Barbie Carpenter on the other side,” I texted to a...