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Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Detroit Lions & Dez Bryant

Jeff Prince
Dez Bryant deserves a game ball, but not for the two touchdowns he scored in yesterday’s game against the Detroit Lions. Bryant gets a game ball, game jersey, team captainship, brass ring, and free hot dogs for saying what an...

Eminem Won’t Rap Romo

Jeff Prince
Rapper Eminem is a Detroit native but his hometown NFL team has sucked so badly for so long that over the years he became a Dallas Cowboys fan. Kind of ironic, yes? Now he loves two teams that regularly rip the hearts from the ...

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Lions

Jeff Prince
I apologize to the Dallas Cowboys and fans for a remark I made during the first quarter of yesterday’s game. I’m afraid it jinxed the team. “Nice to see Barbie Carpenter on the other side,” I texted to a...