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A Flat Tire, A Loaf of Bread, and Wow

Chow, Baby
As my high-dollar hot rod (read: Hyundai Sonata) falls to pieces — due in large part to my neglect — I’m finding myself calling AAA all too often these days. Fortunately, thus far my strandings have led to little foodie a...

Mike Resurrected

Jeff Prince
Mike lives! On Friday I blogged about the death of Mike the Duck, who hung out in my cubicle for years before a series of accidents left him with a broken neck and big chunk of his breast missing. I unceremoniously dropped him ...

Goodbye To A Duck

Jeff Prince
This taxidermied creature flew into my life years ago, and by “flew” I mean a co-worker found him curbside in the neighborhood, destined for the landfill. Instead, the duck became the pride of my cubicle. I never na...

Sprout’s is Delight-pho

In the shadow of Cowboys Stadium, fresh Vietnamese fare flourishes.
Arlington is not short on Vietnamese restaurants. There are several authentic places in South Arlington alone. And then there’s Sprout’s Spring Roll and Pho in North Arlington near Cowboys Stadium. The sleek avocado-and-bro...


I’m the world’s worst Japanese person. If I didn’t play in a band with a Japanophile, I would never have eaten sushi, the food that my mother would labor all night long to prepare for special occasions and tha...

Xmas-Rated Theater

Big Ticket
We always welcome any theater troupe that can bring us fresh stuff for Christmas, and this week several of the local ensembles are coming through.

The Way of the Sashimi

The newly opened Sushi Tao can’t miss.
The word “tao” is often translated into English as “the right way.” This word has suggested a personal code of behavior, even an entire worldview, within some Asian spiritual disciplines for thousands of...

Duck and Cover

Theaters offer a double shot of Terrence Howard, but only one movie’s any good.
Kristian Lin
After years of toiling unappreciated in movies that nobody saw, Terrence Howard finally got his fingers on the brass ring two years ago with a memorable appearance in the Oscar-winning Crash and an Oscar-nominated lead role in ...

Four Stars

The restaurant-and-a-movie concept goes upscale but is still down to earth, produced by Metro Cinema + Indigo Grille.
Brian Abrams
The restaurant-slash-movie-theater concept hasn’t really taken off here. To sup-and-screen somewhere other than at our beloved Ridgmar Movie Tavern (comfortable, solid neighborhood grill fare), we Tarrant County folk have to ...