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Joseph Gordon-Levitt sweats out a CIA polygraph test in Snowden.

Snowden: Whitehat

Joseph Gordon-Levitt shines amid this biopic’s flaws.
Kristian Lin
In some ways, Oliver Stone suits an Edward Snowden biopic perfectly. Who better to tell the story of this generation’s foremost government whistle-blower than a paranoid unreconstructed ’60s hippie activist who cherishes su...

Guest Col

The Spies Who Wouldn’t Stop

Germany’s trust in the U.S. is at an end.
The question to bear in mind, in reading this sorry tale, is: If Americans are, on average, no stupider than Germans, then why are their intelligence services so stupid? After the most recent revelations about American spying i...


The Snowden Effect

Edward Snowden is safe from American “justice” for the moment, and he will certainly go down as the most effective whistle-blower in history. His revelations are going to cause a wholesale restructuring of the world’s mos...