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‘Road’ Photo Exhibit Is Worth Trip

Jeff Prince
People on road trips like to document their adventures in photos — very bad photos. Then they put those photos in scrapbooks. And then they hand the scrapbook to you and watch over your shoulder as you obediently pore ove...

Chris Johnson Of Telegraph Canyon Nails 47 Herkies

Jeff Prince
Talk about suffering for one’s art — look closely at the current issue of Fort Worth Weekly and you can see the sheer misery in the eyes of a few Telegraph Canyon band members who were freezing their asses off when the ...

Tru-Vue Photo Exhibit Tonight

Jeff Prince
Don’t know about you folks, but I know where I’ll be at 6 pm tonight – attending the opening reception for Tru-Vue, a bad-ass photo exhibit at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center. I say “bad-ass” with confidence even...