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(photo courtesy Panther Island Pavilion web site)

Morning News Roundup, Jun 30

Jeff Prince
Tubing At Panther Island Pavilion Just in time for Fourth of July, tubing resumes at Panther Island Pavilion. Now, I bet you’re expecting some smart-ass remark about how weird it is that people voluntarily getting into a rive...

KIM KARDASHIAN GETS PAMPERED (courtesy of wikipedia)

Mark Cuban Could Have Avoided Lamar Odom Fiasco

Jeff Prince
It’s surprising that Mark Cuban, a guy who stars on reality TV, apparently wasn’t watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Khloe & Lamar several years ago. If he’d been keeping up with those shows he w...


Night & Day

WED ▪ 27 Weren’t the Detroit Tigers supposed to have the best offense in the majors by now? Injuries have reduced last year’s AL Central champions to a .500 team, but they’re still dangerous, and they’ll be thinking a...

Toasting at Mavericks Sports Grill

Last Call
I recently attended the memorial service for Judge Tom Vandergriff along with the judge’s friends, a handful of famous people, and a thousand or so plainfolk who had been touched by the man who was rightfully called “Mr. Ar...

Mavs move into second round

Kristian Lin
The Mavericks vanquished the San Antonio Spurs Wednesday night, giving the three-time NBA champs their first first-round playoff exit since 2000. Nobody’s surprised. Though the third-seeded Spurs’ defeat was technic...

Moncrief’s in Charge

No, not the mayor. A former NBA great leads Fort Worth’s newest minor-league sports team.
Kristian Lin
On the last day of January, the Fort Worth Convention Center plays host to a small crowd of basketball fans — official attendance 1,007, actual crowd for this midweek game more like 200.