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Professor D headlines the New Year’s Eve show in Sundance Square.

The Calendar Turns

It seems that this year, the place to be on New Year’s Eve is downtown. This isn’t to slight the events going on elsewhere. Stage West is holding its annual affair with music by the E-Flat Porch Band and a supper buffet tha...

Where House New Year’s

Jimmy Fowler
Seems like a lot of people I know are still undecided about their New Year’s Eve plans, or if they’re going to make any at all. But if you need a cool last minute destination to ring in 2012, you could do a lot worse than t...

Need A Reason To Drink?

Jeff Prince
New Year’s Eve is always a good reason to drink alcohol. Here’s another:

New Year’s Eve in New Stockyards Venue

Jimmy Fowler
If you haven’t made New Year’s Eve plans yet, what better way to ring in 2010 than in a brand spankin’ new Stockyards entertainment venue? The Palace Room and Stockyards Event Center (2525 Rodeo Plaza in the Stockyards) w...