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Blue Monday

Unless you hate crowds, Mondays are a rough night to go out. Maybe not happy hour so much; I’m thinking more of those last few hours of the night, when an already quiet bar becomes utterly devoid of life. A lot of times, the ...

Last Call

Huts of Chuckles

A couple of years ago, when The Moon was still around, I tried my hand at stand-up comedy. Three times, in fact. Spent my five minutes on riffs about young women who are way too into their cats and my being way too high to oper...

Embargo is now the site of a weekly Monday night open-mic jamdown.

Open-Mics — and Minds — at Embargo

To my knowledge, I’ve played only one open-mic in my life, on a night when I was either 25 minutes or two shots away from being cross-eyed drunk. The jam ran for a long time, so it was probably like five minutes –– or inf...