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‘American Idol’ Continues Decline

Jeff Prince
Last night’s 2010 debut of American Idol proved one thing – when Simon Cowell quits after this season AI is DOA. Cowell is the only judge who consistently recognizes talent, cuts through the bullcorn, and isn’t afraid to ...

Ellen DeGeneres In (And Out); Paula Abdul Buh-Bye

Jeff Prince
Ellen DeGeneres isn’t a bad pick to replace Paula Abdul as an “American Idol” judge but I’m reserving my cartwheels for awhile. Nobody on the judging panel has ever been (purposely) funny on that show, other tha...

Adios Abdul? One Can Only Hope

Jeff Prince
With any luck, Paula Abdul will be gone from next season’s American Idol, and I say that not because of any dislike for Abdul, but because adding a fourth judge almost ruined last season. Having three judges was already pushi...