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Mary Kelleher defends herself against accusations that prompted fellow water district board members to censure her.

Water Mess

The typically quiet board meetings at the Tarrant Regional Water District took a loud and rowdy turn on Tuesday morning. A standing-room-only crowd, including some carrying protest signs, heckled board members throughout the tw...


Above the Pipeline

In Dallas this week, North Texans can get a peek at Above All Else, a documentary that deals with the construction of the southern leg of the Keystone Pipeline and the fight of the people of Winnsboro to stop it. Produced in pa...

Texans Rally Against ‘War on Women’

Andrew McLemore
Thousands of women, men and children from across the state gathered at the southern steps of the Capital on Saturday to protest state laws that they say curtail basic human rights for women. Organized primarily by the group Uni...

UNT Students Rally For Women

Andrew McLemore
A cross-section of UNT student groups gathered around the Denton Courthouse on Saturday afternoon to protest the “War on Women” waged by the Grand Ole Party in Texas and across the country. About 40 students waved s...

Rising Up

A lost generation finds its place in North Texas protests — and in the fast-spreading Occupy movement.
Everyone was talking at once, and everyone was passionate — mostly about the same thing. But they weren’t getting anywhere on basic questions like where people would camp. Finally, a waifish 23-year-old stood up and admonis...

Paradise Center Visitors Protest MHMR

Jeff Prince
“Honk for justice!” protesters yelled over and over as cars passed by on busy Hulen Street during today’s lunch hour. Protesters were waving  signs in front of the Tarrant County Mental Health and Mental Reta...

A Cup of Union

Local baristas say the fight for better conditions is uphill but necessary.
In late December, a small group of Starbucks employees blocked the drive-through window at the company’s coffee shop at Rosedale Street and 8th Avenue for about 20 minutes, in protest of the rising cost of their healthcar...

Tiger Lady Attacks

Jimmy Fowler
One of the many reasons I was drawn to Catholicism is that the church has such a thing as a “patron saint of lost causes.” (That would be Saint Jude, for those interested). I said a prayer to St. Jude when I heard about PET...


On some days, the Arlington campus looks like a tense meeting of the United Nations.
A small plaque hangs inconspicuously on the wall of Nedderman Hall, one of the University of Texas at Arlington’s engineering buildings. “An international tribute to an international calling,” it says, “ … the fla...