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Stockyards “Lame In”

Jimmy Fowler
Aw, man! Last week when I endorsed Queer Liberaction’s Saturday ”Queer Kiss In” at the Stockyards, I sure didn’t have the lame result in mind: Earnest LGBT activists impeded from joyous lip-locking by a clueless band of...

Brokeback Stockyards

Jimmy Fowler
My colleague, the ultra-prolific “Blotcher” Jeff Prince, made some excellent points in his “Big Balls” post. Most gay-sympathetic hetero Texans are as likely to roll their eyes at the idea of Queer Liberaction’s ”Ki...

Big Balls In Cowtown

Jeff Prince
Queer LiberAction is holding a “Queer Kiss-In” of all things…at Fort Worth’s historic Stockyards of all places. The Fort Worth Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community became unusually visible and noi...