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(Flickr photo by John Trainor)

Emmitt Smith Finally Gets Some Recognition

Jeff Prince
The greatest running back to ever play for the Dallas Cowboys (sorry Tony D.) is Emmitt Smith, and the poor guy just never got his due. Smith is the National Football League’s all-time leading rusher, with eight Pro Bowl ...


San Fran Steve

The last time I gave a shit about who won the Super Bowl was right before kickoff of Super Bowl XXXV, when I shook hands with this dude at a house party and put 20 bucks on the Ravens, for no real reason other than that the guy...


Let’s Go … Ravens?

My worst NFL nightmare has come true. Two of my least favorite teams –– the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers –– are headed to the Super Bowl, the Ravens after effectively neutering Tom Brady and his Pats, an...

(flickr photo by mrsdkrebs)

National Anthem Shivering In Fear As Alicia Keys Promises Wow Factor

Jeff Prince
Pop singer Alicia Keys is promising something new and different when she performs “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Super Bowl in two weeks. “I’m really excited about it, I can’t even lie,” K...

Tebowing Texas Style

Jeff Prince
Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow likes to drop down and pray at a moment’s notice, and his habit has been dubbed “Tebowing.” People nationwide, spurred by social media, started Tebowing as a gag. Then the ...

M.I.A. Didn’t Need Finger To Stand Out

Jeff Prince
The finger heard ’round the world escaped me — I didn’t notice British rapper M.I.A. flipping the bird while performing with Madonna during the Super Bowl halftime show. I was focused on the fact that Madonna&...

Tebow Shmebow, Throw Romo A Bone

Jeff Prince
The NFL award for gutsiest performance  this year is down to five nominees, including Dallas Cowboys qb Tony Romo for his comeback from a broken rib and punctured lung to lead the team to an overtime victory against San Franci...

Go NY Giants!

Jeff Prince
Watching the New York Giants pummel the Atlanta Falcons yesterday filled me with joy. A very evil joy. Every season after the Dallas Cowboys get eliminated from the Super Bowl race, I begin rooting for their division rivals. Th...

Super Bowl Songstress Reclaims Dignity – Oops!

Jeff Prince
The pressure was on Christina Aguilera during the opening number of last night’s Grammy program. Aguilera took a pounding the previous Sunday after 111 million viewers of the  Super Bowl in Arlington watched her forget l...

“WaPo” Disses Super Bowl

Jimmy Fowler
Yes, yes, I promise to shut up about the Super Bowl after this post. I’m not a football fan and didn’t watch the game. But all the big and small, natural and man-made disasters that bedeviled Sunday’s event and the week l...