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People Are Strange

I learned the truth, the hard truth, only a couple of years ago. “If I never hear Bruce Springsteen, the Grateful Dead, or Jim Morrison ever again,” my mom announced, “it’ll be too soon.” This was in front of my whole...

No One Here Gets Out Alive

Jeff Prince
The Christian Science Monitor says a giant asteroid is hurtling through space with a decent chance of hitting dear ol’ Mother Earth in February 2040. Add 28 years to your current age — that’s how old you will ...

TCU In Clutches Of Devil’s Music

Jeff Prince
The video below makes it clear why Texas Christian University is sliding off a moral precipice and plummeting into hell’s fiery clutches. After last week’s drug raid resulted in the arrest of four TCU football playe...

St. Paddy’s Rocks!

Jeff Prince
In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here are video clips from some of the greatest rockers of all time with Irish in their blood, beginning with my favorite, The Doors: Van Morrison is indeed the man, but he’s so persnickety...