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Though Skeleton Coast is no more, former frontman Bobby McCubbins continues pumping out Goldd, now in the Pacific Northwest.

Go for the Goldd

Though the headliner for Thursday night’s show at The Where House (2510 Hemphill St.) is Skeleton Coast, don’t expect to hear a lot of Skeleton Coast tunes. For one thing, the bombastically dreamy Fort Worth group disbanded...


The Top 5 Shows

1.) Scott Copeland will be all over town this weekend, starting Friday night at Magnolia Motor Lounge (3005 Morton St., 817-332-3344), where the rowdy country singer-songwriter and his crack band The Enablers will be preceded b...

Blending dub with psychedelia, jazz, rock, and more, Sub Oslo is a sonic experiment that dates back years but is still as fresh-sounding as ever.

The Top 5 Shows

1.) There was a time (circa the early aughts) when a Sub Oslo show at the dearly departed Wreck Room was the hottest ticket in North Texas. Though the mostly Denton band (drummer Quincy Holloway resides in the Fort) hasn’t be...

Courtesy The Where House

SXSWhere House

Look, I know I should’ve stayed at home and gone to bed instead of going out on Monday — since Thursday, I’d been struggling with unstoppable mucus and a hacking cough. I’d gone to the doctor that afternoon to combat th...


Beer and Tacos at The Where House

In 2013, smart phones and digital tablet devices can supply virtually everything an adult needs to be happy. Except beer. And face-to-face conversation. And tacos. The 21 and up crowd needs its own playground where beer-fueled ...


We Heart Sparkle Tunnel

Not counting what you see at wedding receptions, perhaps the most common form of dee-jaying is the kind on display seemingly every night in swanky Dallas nightclubs, if we’re to believe our friends at the Dallas Observer, who...


Ghost Wolves at The Where House

Jimmy Fowler
A lot of people did their official Halloween partying this past weekend. But it seems a shame to let the holiday itself –– which inconveniently falls this year on a Wednesday –– pass without one more celebration. One of...

“Wonderful Wizard” at Where House

Jimmy Fowler
L. Frank Baum’s 1900 children’s story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is great because it can be used for so many things: Commentary on the monetary policies of Teddy Roosevelt; a Judy Garland movie vehicle; a metaphor for the L...

Where House New Year’s

Jimmy Fowler
Seems like a lot of people I know are still undecided about their New Year’s Eve plans, or if they’re going to make any at all. But if you need a cool last minute destination to ring in 2012, you could do a lot worse than t...

“Give Local” at Where House

Jimmy Fowler
This evening (Wed Dec 21) at 5pm, The Where House (2510 Hemphill, FW) hosts the second day of an artists and musicians’ trunk show called Live Local, Give Local. Fort Worth visual artists will be selling their work alongside ...