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The Revolution, Televised

Anthony Mariani
There’s not enough brainy art in Cowtown, art that doesn’t require a 10-page artist’s statement to really sing, that makes your heart think, art that seems familiar but is totally alien. Fort Worth isn’t...

A Glowing Gift from the NRC

By BETTY BRINK For anyone interested in protesting (or supporting) the proposed addition of two new reactors at the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant, the news is – time is already running out: A hearing has been schedule...

Funkalicious Gateway to the Cultural District

By Jeff Prince A local blogger is just one of many misinformed folks who think ‘Fort Worth Weekly’ hates its namesake city. Wrong-O. We work hard to uncover dirt, corruption, graft, and general mayhem because we lov...

Star-Telegram invites ’shell-shocked’ staff to hit door

Online Exclusive
Wow, the latest ultimatum to ‘Fort Worth Star-Telegram’ employees is mind-blowing. The company invited almost every fulltime employee to pick up their sorry asses and leave and don’t let the door hit ‘em...

Texas Frightmare Weekend

Cole Williams
The annual horror convention has come a long way since its inaugural event in 2005. Started by Grapeviner Loyd Cryer, Texas Frightmare Weekend has gone from the relatively humble environs of its first venue, the Grapevine Conve...