(From left to right) Brady Hamilton, Alex Zobel, Joey Gorman, and Kris Luther have never sounded better, Gorman feels.

The Longshots: Mucho Mango

The Longshots have a new album up their sleeves. Look for Inhaler this winter. But before then, it will be all Mucho Mango. That’s according to co-frontman Joey Gorman. Not long after the gritty Rolling Stones/Clash-influence...

Because brandishing a loaded AR-15 in public always leads to calm, reasoned debate.

Morning News Roundup, Jul 23

Kristian Lin
Armed Confederate Idiot Alert! One Stephen Slade Passariello of Denton made national headlines yesterday when he carried a loaded AR-15 to a protest at the city’s Confederate monument. Passariello was counterprotesting a prot...


Music Awards Red Carpet Photos

Photos by Lee Chastain.
Fort Worth Weekly

The Mavericks can now tweet this emoji.

Morning News Roundup, Jul 9

Kristian Lin
Jordan Runs Whoops, looks like Rush Olson’s post from earlier was a bit premature. Five days after NBA free agent center DeAndre Jordan agreed to a deal with the Mavericks, the rebounding big man has apparently reversed cours...


Fort Worthology: Downtown Courthouse Renovation

Kevin Buchanan
The historic Tarrant County Courthouse has been under a new wave of restoration and improvement, and it looks as though that wave is about to roll back and reveal the newest changes to downtown’s architectural centerpiece. Fo...

Putin Texas

Morning News Roundup, Jun 25

Kristian Lin
Vladimir Putin Hates America, Loves Texas At least one person can’t get enough of seceding from America. Politico published a bizarre report this week detailing Vladimir Putin’s efforts to cozy up to Texan secessionists. It...

The Yes Men are Revolting opens Friday in Dallas.

Film Shorts

Kristian Lin
Opening The Yes Men Are Revolting (NR) The comedy duo stages more public hijinks to draw attention to the environment and corporate greed. (Opens Friday in Dallas) Big Game (PG-13) Samuel L. Jackson stars in this thriller as a ...


News Update, June 22

Peter Gorman
Truancy Decriminalized In a stunning turn of events, Governor Greg Abbott signed HB2398, by Rep. James White (R-Woodville), into law on Friday, which makes school truancy a civil, rather than a criminal offence.  Until now, at...


Soundcheck 817: Jacob Furr

Eric Griffey
For the second installment of Fort Worth Weekly‘s concert preview series, we set up shop in the green room of the Live Oak Music Hall. It was also our first swim through Periscope, and a few people actually tuned into to ...

TELEGRAPH CANYON LOGO (courtesy Telegraph Canyon)

News Roundup: June 12, 2015

Jeff Prince
Toll Increase Coming A friend uses Chisholm Trail Parkway because he saves $10 in gas on his commute, which covers the cost of the toll. Most local drivers, though, seem to avoid toll roads unless it saves them a whole lot of t...