ALICE COOPER (by Man Alive!)

Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson Tickets Up For Grabs

Jeff Prince
The Father (Alice Cooper), the Son (Marilyn Manson) and their unholy ghosts are bringing over-the-top shock rock to Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie on June 10. Expect the spectacular from these painted-up warhorses of madness....


Local Woman Up For Best Mom On Wheels Award

Jeff Prince
Want to participate in an online contest? You won’t win anything, but you might help a local woman win a $500 gift card. And that will make you feel super, man. The contest, put on by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foun...

Last Call

2 to 2 Good

Fort Worth Weekly
About a year and a half ago, I took a date to this place on Hwy. 377 called Randi’s 2 to 2. I had a good time, and I wrote a column about it, musing over what I thought was a pretty positive experience. Despite whatever nice ...


Cooking for West

The thoughts of many North Texans are focused on the little town of West, in the aftermath of the terrible fertilizer plant explosion on April 17. Among many locals who went down to help was one of Fort Worth’s best burger ch...

Washington Wizards

Coming Out is Still Brave. Ask Jason Collins.

People can be forgiven if they’re a little jaded about celebrities who come out of the closet. That’s because declaring to the world that you are gay or lesbian has largely been the prerogative of actors, musicians, and oth...


First Responders Rule (Again)

A theme appears to be emerging from all the dramatic headlines of the last couple of weeks: First responders rule. There was, of course, yesterday’s emotional Waco memorial for the firefighters and medics who died in the West...

(Tanstaafl Pub Facebook photo)

There Is Such A Thing As A Free Libertarians Meeting

Jeff Prince
My favorite old haunt –Tanstaafl Pub — is getting media attention for hosting this week’s Tarrant County Libertarians Meetup. Examiner.com political writer Garry Reed tried to connect the pub’s acronym f...

G.I. Joe: Retaliation opens Friday.

Film Shorts

OPENING: G.I. Joe: Retaliation (PG-13) The sequel to the 2010 action movie has the remnants of the commando force being hunted by their own government after the president (Jonathan Pryce) is kidnapped and replaced by a master o...


Marriage Equality: Can We Hurry Up, Please?

The most frustating thing about the marriage equality “debate” is being patient. Allowing gay partners to wed has become a no-brainer among most sane, intelligent adults, even those who find the thought of guys kissing guys...


Letterman’s Stupid Pet Trick Auditions in Fort Worth

Eric Griffey
Are you willing to exploit your pet for cash and some face time on television? If so, you have until March 30 to teach your pet a stupid trick, if you want to be on The Late Show with Dave Letterman. For those unfamiliar with L...