Happy Birthday Next Weekend, S&R

What are you doing Labor Day weekend? Me? I’m so glad you asked! I’m going to my in-laws in Sun City, Texas, where we’re going to grill out and (try to) watch preseason football and referee the kids and maybe squeeze in a...

Top shelf

The Top Shelf Blog: Let’s Stir Things Up

Brad Hensarling
The Fort Worth Weekly Stir competition has been going on once a month for about six months now, and naturally, because I’m the guy who writes the cocktail blog I’ve been called in a few times to be a judge. It’s been cool...


Morning News Roundup, Aug. 19

Kristian Lin
Czech Liszt Here in the summer doldrums, there’s not much to do except look forward to fall. So we’re grateful to UNT College of Music for announcing their upcoming season. I’m looking forward to the three-day Liszt festi...

rick perry screenshot

A Rick Perry Responds To Fort Worth Weekly

Jeff Prince
The Ricky Perry who tweeted in response to this blog post about the former governor isn’t the real Rick Perry. My first clue was the the pot leaf behind the photo. Second clue: the twitter name RickPerry420. While it woul...


Morning News Roundup, Aug 10

Jeff Prince
Pilot Pulling Philadelphia Eagles Banner Didn’t Crash After All NJ.Com writer Matt Lombardo tweeted yesterday evening that Dallas Cowboys fans (and Cowboys rookie Greg Hardy) paid to have an airplane fly a “trash talking”...

(From left to right) Brady Hamilton, Alex Zobel, Joey Gorman, and Kris Luther have never sounded better, Gorman feels.

The Longshots: Mucho Mango

The Longshots have a new album up their sleeves. Look for Inhaler this winter. But before then, it will be all Mucho Mango. That’s according to co-frontman Joey Gorman. Not long after the gritty Rolling Stones/Clash-influence...

Because brandishing a loaded AR-15 in public always leads to calm, reasoned debate.

Morning News Roundup, Jul 23

Kristian Lin
Armed Confederate Idiot Alert! One Stephen Slade Passariello of Denton made national headlines yesterday when he carried a loaded AR-15 to a protest at the city’s Confederate monument. Passariello was counterprotesting a prot...


Music Awards Red Carpet Photos

Photos by Lee Chastain.
Fort Worth Weekly

The Mavericks can now tweet this emoji.

Morning News Roundup, Jul 9

Kristian Lin
Jordan Runs Whoops, looks like Rush Olson’s post from earlier was a bit premature. Five days after NBA free agent center DeAndre Jordan agreed to a deal with the Mavericks, the rebounding big man has apparently reversed cours...


Fort Worthology: Downtown Courthouse Renovation

Kevin Buchanan
The historic Tarrant County Courthouse has been under a new wave of restoration and improvement, and it looks as though that wave is about to roll back and reveal the newest changes to downtown’s architectural centerpiece. Fo...