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Atheists Get Something to Believe In at TCU

Eric Griffey
It sounds like it could be a lame joke: A group of atheists walk onto a predominantly conservative Christian campus. A students affairs administrator says, “I can’t believe this.” Believe it or not, it’s...


Um, Hurray for Lunchbox?

A lot of people think Texans are a monolithic population. You know, we all wear cowboy boots, rope dogies, and such. But Texas is a big state –– so big, in fact, that a native North Texan like myself can be a totally cluele...

LA Gun Buyback

Open Carry Gun Walk in the Stockyards

There’s nothing more fun than a political demonstration organized to protest a non-existent injustice, especially if it provides an excuse to show off your bad-ass stockpile in public. Some Fort Worth gun enthusiasts, fearing...


Theatre Arlington’s Todd Hart Bids Adieu

To anyone who saw Theatre Arlington executive producer Todd Hart introduce Friday’s opening night performance of The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife, he seemed jovial as usual. But behind the scenes, an emotional farewell was ...

MATT DAMON (flickr photo by bucajak)

Natural Gas Kool-Aid From The Star-Telegram

Jeff Prince
How far has the Fort Worth Star-Telegram fallen? About as far as former Arlington city councilman Mel LeBlanc, who left the council last year after buying methamphetamine from prostitutes, drinking too much, and fighting with h...

Republician presidential hopeful Newt Gr

Preacher Perry Comforts His Gun-Toting Flock

How moronic is Rick Perry’s response to President Obama’s new gun control proposals? His statement reaches Everest-scale heights of dumbassed-osity that even I didn’t think he was capable of. It’s awe-inspiring. He ment...

Human brain on white background

About That Asperger’s Post…

Before I’m lynched by an angry crowd of Asperger’s/autism advocates, let me clarify: My intent with last Friday’s “Blotch” post wasn’t to offend anyone living with the spectrum of conditions associated with autism. ...


Frack Me Elmo

CBS Sunday Morning recently filed this piece on fracking, and it’s about as hard-hitting as a segment on Sesame Street. As you read or watch it, try and imagine the whole thing as Big Bird explaining fracking to Oscar the Gro...

Rust and Bones opens Friday in Dallas.

Film Shorts

OPENING: Rust and Bone (R) Jacques Audiard (A Prophet) adapts Craig Davidson’s short stories into this French-language romance between a Belgian MMA fighter (Matthias Schoenaerts) and a killer whale trainer (Marion Cotillard)...


North Texas “Freak of the Week” Goes To…

No matter how horribly your day goes –– even if your boss cans you, your significant other dumps you, and your ferret dies –– you can say: “At least I’m not the woman caught on surveillance camera stealing Christmas...