Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? opens Friday.

Film Shorts

Kristian Lin
OPENING: Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? (PG-13) Does anyone still care at this point? Starring Kristoffer Polaha, Laura Regan, Peter Mackenzie, Larry Cedar, Joaquim de Almeida, Rob Morrow, and Greg Germann. (Opens Friday) Do...


Can We Talk?

These days the internet is polluted with angry listicles like “10 Ways to Piss Off Your Bartender,” and “How to Make Your Server Hate You.” Sure, diners and bar customers should know a certain amount of etiquette, but I...


“Capturing Family History” with Michael H. Price

Michael H. Price is a longtime Fort Worth journalist, author, movie historian, comic book writer, and musician. (He probably knows a lot about 19th century Latvian folk dance, too, but there’s only so much room on this multi-...


Sheran Keyton and Joe Rogers at FW Arts Center

The cantankerous and endlessly entertaining New York stage legend Elaine Stritch recently passed away. She was arguably the most famous national purveyor of cabaret, a solo theatrical form that requires many talents –– sing...


Water Disputes

Fort Worth Weekly
Tarrant Regional Water District Executive Director Jim Oliver took umbrage a few days back upon hearing that board member Mary Kelleher had spoken to a group of journalists and others at the University of Texas at Arlington on ...

Cover illustration by Jeff Drew

Eat, Drink, and Burn Bridges

Celebrity chef Tim Love struggles at Colonial, TCU.
Fort Worth’s most famous celebrity chef will begin spreading his brand even further this month with the television premiere of Restaurant Startup. Restaurateur Tim Love stars opposite MasterChef judge Joe Bastianich in the Sh...


Friday Night Drags at Texas Motor Speedway

Watching cars race around a track isn’t particularly my thing, but the appeal is understandable: speed + a roaring crowd + a Texas summer night x a crapload of beer = a sweet adrenaline rush. However, the Texas Motor Speedway...

Gary Norman and Jan Ayers Friedman enjoy the interconnectivity afforded by the open studio. Courtesy Art Studios on Race Street

Truly Public Art

Drop by Art Studios on Race Street to chat with an artist or two and maybe even go home with a painting.
With Art Studios on Race Street (formerly The Work Room), owner Flora Brewer is re-envisioning the way painters and sculptors work. Instead of holing up in separate rooms by themselves, artists share a public space, allowing th...


TCU Professor Talks Gay Ministers in “Huffington Post”

It’s a supreme irony that Christianity, which as historically practiced is the primary source of anti-gay bigotry in the western world, is a house that’s been quietly built from the efforts of many anonymous (i.e. closeted)...


I just got lucky

Peter Gorman
Just got very, very lucky. Was out mowing the very back portion of my yard here in Joshua. It’s wild territory, invisible from the house and where we throw lawn cuttings from the fenced in portion of the yard behind the h...