Fellow Americans, I’m worried we might be losing something that’s sacred to the foundation of our republic: namely, the right to be totally catty bitches and assholes in our private talks and text exchanges. I won’t shed any tears over a certain racist dirtbag L.A. billionaire who got secretly taped demeaning employees and fans of his pro basketball team, among many others. But it’ll be interesting to see if (and how) the sticky privacy questions surrounding his case get played out in a court of law rather than the mob of public opinion.

However, I can’t help feeling a tiny bit of sympathy for Mya Asberry, principal of Dan Powell Intermediate School in Everman ISD. A teacher’s union rep filed an ethics complaint with the state board because Asberry, who’s reportedly popular with many students and parents, used language that was “coarse” and “egregious.”

To clarify, Principal Asberry didn’t get on the Dan Powell p.a. system one school morning and announce: “Lunch today is nasty-ass, ya’ll. More pepperoni pizza and tater tots. Motherfuckers were freezer-burned last week, so I hope the geniuses in mess hall figure out how to turn on the goddamn deep fryer. Shit.” That would be a coarse and egregious public address to students and staff.


However, Asberry was ratted on for being crude (and worse, highly opinionated) in personal text messages she exchanged with selected friends and co-workers. Screen grabs were shared with authorities of course. So far, the most potentially troubling remark she made appears to be a criticism of Spanish-speaking kids for having lower test scores than English-speaking ones, but her intent and aim are not self-evident. “Boy those Spanish ones don’t look good, perhaps we should try ENGLISH!” Given that most of her text complaints were reportedly targeted at teachers, it’s unclear who Asberry was criticizing here.

(Standard blogger proviso: If Principal Asberry turns out to be some crazy anti-Latino jerk based on texts that haven’t sufaced yet, then I will immediately withdraw my inadequately informed quasi-defense.)

But her other offending texts are mostly opinions –– including complaints about teachers who don’t use resources effectively –– that could be fair or unfair, but aren’t in themselves outrageous. (“It seems the more we do the worse they get! Trifling shit!” she says about either teachers or students.) One thing Asberry is clear about: She really really wants to win a Texas state principal-of-the-year trophy she’s currently a finalist for. “They not gon fuck me out of this award!” she texted, lyrically expressing how all of us feel when we want an accolade so bad, we can taste it.

Principal Asberry, if this is the worst they’ve got on you based on your private personal correspondences, then I hope you’re not only cleared, but you win the state award. If necessary, I’ll write a letter of recommendation to help you bag that fucker.


  1. The Sterling thing and this is an apples-oranges comparison. The NBA is a huge business, and has a right to protect its brand. Sterling owned a franchise of that business. It would be as though the owner of a McDonald’s started selling sex toys. The owner’s corporate overlords would be obliged to step in and stop that business. Had the NBA not have acted, it’s very likely the league would have alienated its fans, players, etc.

    Everman ISD is not a business, and I don’t think it has the same rights under the law. The principal didn’t do anything illegal, so I’m not sure there’s any legal recourse the teacher’s union could take against the principal, unless one of the specific teachers she criticized gets passed over for a promotion or something.

    As far as principal of the year goes, that ship just sailed. She fucked herself out of that one.

  2. My comparison is an oversimplified one, but I think for the purpose of this rant, the two cases can be discussed together, up to a point. I was just brainstorming about whether illegally and/or unethically obtained private statements are fair game as far as damaging public reputations and careers, especially if a society values the expectation of privacy. (Or thinks that such an expectation doesn’t apply much to public figures, as both Sterling and Asberry are). Other than that, yes, there are many details and considerations that differ between the situations, especially as far as what the bosses can do and what the courts will allow.

  3. Asberry is a great boss and very passionate about what she does. What she says and does on her personal time is her business. If the the world needs something to talk about when it comes to Mya Asberry talk about the how on top of running a school she pulls a class every day to teach them math,is the head of the Gospel Choir(voluntarily) practicing several days a week. With her leadership the staff and students at Dan Powell have had nothing but success every year. So spread that gossip in the news.She doesn’t need the award it would have been nice but as far as I’m concerned she is principal of the year.

  4. You have no idea what the teachers at Powell are going through under her reign. The person that you’ve met in those text messages is the same mean-spirited, gossiping, illogical person who leads the school. She needed to be brought down. Should’ve happened long ago. Everyone has always been too afraid to do it, but everyone is backing the whistle-blower.

    • Carol, you are spot on! The way this woman treated her employees/students was disgusting. She hurt so many people. She fired the entire staff SHE hired 4 years in a row unless you were best friends with her or would back down easily. If she saw you had a mind of your own then, you knew your contracted would not be signed for the next year. Yet, we all know nothing will happen to her. Her secretary is the school board director’s husband. They act like they don’t know anything, but they knew all along how she acted. Karma, people. Karma.

      • That is not true she was my principal that year and she pulled us out of class to help us with math and she pushed us and she really cared

  5. I worked with Mya Asberry for many years and let me tell you, The Students are what is most important to her. I have seen her council students, feed students, teach students and even at times be a mother figure if that is what was needed. She only wants the best for them an if the teaching staff aren’t using all the resources provided OF COURSE that would lead to much frustration by the Administration. ALSO when I read the texts that were provided I noticed that nothing flowed together, SO WHERE is the rest of the conversation. I’m sure she wasn’t the only one venting on those texts but a disgruntled employee will stoop to pretty low levels to try to hurt someone. Put the whole text out there, lets see what was really going on.

  6. Everything that glitters is not gold. Someone can appear to be something they are truly not. Ms. Asberry has been a lot of things to a lot of people, but not everyone is treated the same, even if you are a deserving person. She can be very vindictive and unkind in her words and actions. Sometimes what happens behind closed doors is not pretty.

  7. The group is titled “Powell Admin Team.” The messages are all work related. Educators work at all hours of the day. It seems to me that the author of these messages should be held to the appropriate ethical standards of her profession.
    This is not the first time a complaint has been made to UEA. On one such occasion, this person berated her faculty and staff for two hours because the complaint was made.
    It is true that this person is a hard worker, but her passion is not the students, it is the scores they can make. It is all about maintaining appearances, at any cost.

  8. We all know that this behavior happens more frequently than we realize but rarely gets reported. If that were to happen, not many people wou.d have a job. Let’s face it people talk and there are times when they bash others. Is it right? No..but reality. The true issue here is the continual behavior that Mrs. Asberry has presented towards many previous and current staff members. There is not a member of the building that has not been bashed by her. She always has a front that she does no wrong but don’t kid yourself it is only a front. She belittles her staff in so many ways. I do agree she cares but it is only about the scores and how is everyone going to get her the recognition. Many good teachers have left and I’m sure many more will. No one cares about her doing the Gospel choir because that only goes for a specific group, what about the entire campus? What about being professional towards staff? Belittling and immature behaviors should not be in the workplace but yet we see it quite regularly. I am sure the only reason why this all came out is because someone got tired of her ill behavior. Sure there are people (current and previous) who will support her but you have to really think…Have you been a witness or been the one to get her rage at some point? I know so.

  9. You are all hypocrites, like you haven’t said one bad thing about someone in the work place. Furthermore this were personal text messages, Which no one is paying attention to. Also about the Spanish English thing. I know Asberry very well she was saying that since the Spanish test scores were low maybe they should try mor English test. Lastly there is no law that says we have to be no law that states everyone must be nice to their co-workers. So for all of you who are saying she has bad behavior. GET OFF IT!! YOU ALL KNOW THERE IS THAT ONE CO-WORKER THAT YOU DON’T LIKE.

    • Before taking up for her you should learn to spell and to also create proper sentences. You’re right everyone does it but she was the one that got caught in the act. As a professional in your occupation you have to be aware of the image you are presenting to others. She is not only representing herself,but she is also representing Dan Powell and the district.

    • You’re right everyone does it but she was the one that got caught in the act. As a professional in your occupation you have to be aware of the image you are presenting to others. She is not only representing herself,but she is also representing Dan Powell and the district.

  10. Hello to all,

    Another wonderful day at Dan Powell Everman ISD; because we have a wonderful principal
    Mya Asberry who is not only brilliant but loves all the kids. It is truly a blessing to come to work
    because of her and all the children, as we strive to make a positive difference in their lives.

  11. Just found this. Because of our current socio-political climate I decided to go back and search the names of former “leaders” in my life that dispaly personality and character traits similar to our current @potus, Donald Trump. Mya Asberry was one of the first to pop into my head.
    Before the division of Powell there was an instance where a kid was in trouble for fighting. Mya Asberry wanted to suspend this little, short, fat, bookish kid for “fighting” with a GROUP of students in one of his classes. (Am I the only one that sees the irony in this scenario?)
    The kid was being picked on and was defending himself…and Asberry wanted to suspend him and brand him a “trouble maker” because she liked the perpetrators. This was typical for her. She liked the bitchy, difficult, sub-clinical psychotic/sociopathis types…because she is one…just like @realdonaldtrump. Is this what Jesus would do?
    I left Everman because it was a total shit show and became a foster parent in another state that sells real estate on the side. I work tirelessly to protect my children and my friends from these toxic individuals.
    Please join me in the fight!
    Good Night Alt-Right!