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Rose Marine on TV

Here's a TV tip: Tune into KERA tonight at 9:30 for A Sense of Place, Logan Gilpin and Michael Rodriguez' documentary about the history...

Mavs move into second round

The Mavericks vanquished the San Antonio Spurs Wednesday night, giving the three-time NBA champs their first first-round playoff exit since 2000. Nobody's surprised. Though...

R.I.P. Bea Arthur

I thought I didn't have anything to add to the obituary notices for the late Bea Arthur being run in the mainstream press, but...

Among the dolls

An appreciation of Fox's Dollhouse, plus a tip for helping save a TV show in trouble.

Our new look

So, Weekly readers, what do you think of our new website? Good? Bad? Leave your comments below.

Rick Perry & Texas Tea

Well, well. April 15 was a day when the nuttier wing of the Republican party yet again managed to embarrass the rest of the...

From eHeartbreak to eHarmony

Okay, now I have something funny to link to about Lindsay Lohan, courtesy of the actress herself. For me, the biggest laugh in this...