Houston Goes Under: Harvey, Historic Floods

Democracy in Crisis: Charlottesville, Shattered

Not “Not Normal”


On Tap In Fort Worth: New Local Brews

Random Stuff

Random Stuff

Hi ‘Gardens,’ Lo ‘Water’

This loyal “Blotch” blogger craves trashy escapism as much as anyone. Did you catch last weekend’s HBO movie premiere of the sloppy, candy-colored “Grey...

From eHeartbreak to eHarmony

Okay, now I have something funny to link to about Lindsay Lohan, courtesy of the actress herself. For me, the biggest laugh in this...

Say It Ain’t Bo

What has President Obama done lately that I think is great? Almost everything, from his masterful, cucumber-cool, behind-the-scenes work on the Capt. Phillips hostage...

Yeah! This one was for us!

Well, on Easter Sunday, Captain Richard Phillips, taken captive by Somalian pirates 5 days earlier, was freed when Navy gunmen--in all likelihood SEAL sharpshooter--took...