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Letters to the Editor

To the editor: The Weekly's Feb. 25 cover story, "Captive Care," by seasoned journalist Eric Griffey, is another example of his expertise in exposés....

Obama and the Gulag

The whole system that allowed torture must be repudiated, not just Guantanamo.   In his first week in office, President Barack Obama announced the closure of...

Not Rowing Miss Daisy

In a metal building just off Beach Street and Interstate 30 in East Fort Worth, four rows of long, thin boats, or shells, as...


Cross your fingers, close your eyes, light the incense, and keep repeating, "We are recession-proof. We are recession-proooof ... ." Sigh. It didn't work, despite...

Renaissance of the Rails

A winter sun was shining, but a chilly wind rushed through the tall grass between an abandoned building and the rail lines of Tower...

Cowtown’s Growing Green

Fort Worth environmental activists have been struggling for years to save a few pockets of the tallgrass prairie that once covered Fort Worth, part...

Commuting One Sentence …

You've seen the old movies. The hands of the clock move slowly toward the appointed time. The warden eyes the phone - will there...