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When Jefferson Colby frontman Danny Mabe first picked up a guitar several years ago, he figured out how to play it almost overnight. By...

Strange Days

Don't call Hentai Improvising Orchestra a band. With completely extemporaneous performances and refusal to practice or designate a bandleader, the Fort Worth experimental ensemble...

Novel Approach

Creative expression, the desire to master an art form, to honor one's influences - they're all important reasons for a performer to pick up...

Auld Bang Syne

Present-day Fort Worth and '90s-era Deep Ellum are about to clash. Topping a four-band bill at Lola's Saloon-Sixth this weekend are Haltom City's mighty...

Business Gets Better

With an author's love of wordplay and keen eye for gritty details, 26-year-old Eaton Lake Tonics frontman Tony Ferraro draws inspiration from "dude-lit," writers...

Le Freak

Here are a couple of fun facts about the 817 musical entity Disco:Hate, a.k.a. Casey Colby: First, he sings and writes original material but...

Art of Darkness

Under normal circumstances, three guys who all work at art museums starting a band together would either be the beginning of a lame joke...

North Texas’ Woodstock

Everyone remembers Woodstock. But what about the Texas International Pop Festival? Read story

Cold Comfort

The Future Unlived's music is "built upon revenge," according to frontman Danny Future. Case in point: "Machine," a blues-rock stomp in which Future, whose...

Pay Dirt

Austin Allsup is a complex guy -- tough, tender, lost, confident, sane, crazy -- but what he isn't is lazy. A couple of weeks...