Music Awards Ceremony 2017

On Tap in Fort Worth: Legal Draft Beer

Film Shorts

Blotch Jumbo



Grackle Be-Gone

Recently I was circling downtown Dallas streets looking for a curbside parking space, but they were all full. When I finally saw an empty...

15 Hours

This week’s spotlighted event is called Exhibitionists, but you will be either relieved or disappointed to find out that there won’t be large numbers...

Night & Day

Wed 23 - When the Muslim faith ruled a swatch of the world ranging from Spain to central Asia, their artists and artisans were...

Justice Not For Sale Act

On Thursday, Sept. 17, presidential hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), along with three house democrats, introduced the Justice Not For Sale Act, which would...

Donald Trump Does Dallas Photo Gallery

Presidential hopeful and comb-over aficionado, The Donald, breezed through Dallas a few days ago - we have photo evidence. Please click the image to move...

Alliance Air Show 2015

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Dia De Los Toadies Pics

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Fantasy Football Slackers

At this time of year, I get sort of annoyed with my friend Russell. That’s not actually fair to him. Russell is a good guy...

Happy Birthday Next Weekend, S&R

What are you doing Labor Day weekend? Me? I’m so glad you asked! I’m going to my in-laws in Sun City, Texas, where we’re...

The Top Shelf Blog: Let’s Stir Things Up

The Fort Worth Weekly Stir competition has been going on once a month for about six months now, and naturally, because I’m the guy...