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The Campbells: Contemporary Classics

The first 40 years have been good for their gallery, the artists, and Fort Worth.
Some folks do a good job of promoting Fort Worth by putting on tall boots and a big hat. Others do it in boardrooms and legislative chambers, in front of grand pianos, or on sports fields. For 40 years, Bill and Pam Campbell ha...


TCU Adds Chick-fil-A, Angers LGBT Community

Eric Griffey
When Texas Christian University students return next fall, they’ll be greeted by a shiny new Chick-fil-A on campus — and many LGBT students and alumni and supporters are not happy about it. In May, school officials ...


TCU Lands on “Playboy” List

Jimmy Fowler
Who says Fort Worth is only known for cowboys and culture? “Sex, sports, and nightlife” have earned us –– or at least, our college students –– a national reputation as well. Playboy has ranked Texas Christian Univer...

Cops Harsh TCU’s Mellow While Booze Flows

Jeff Prince
TCU360, the online publication Texas Christian University, published an interesting story in today’s edition, seeing as how it comes in the midst of a highly overblown drug bust. “Study Says Alcohol No. 1 Substance ...

TCU Cracks Top 100 Schools

Jeff Prince
There’s a new face — a very purple one — on the coveted U.S. News & World Report‘s Top 100 list of colleges. Texas Christian University squeaked in at No. 99. The report lauds TCU for its mentoring p...