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Casino Proverbs in Everyday Use

Gambling has a long tradition, and not surprisingly, numerous idioms rooted in gambling have found their way into everyday speech. Anyone who enjoys visiting...

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The Best Filmmaking Debuts of 2022

Anna Rose Holmer made this list when she directed The Fits on her own, but this year she was part of a team with...

Best Documentaries of 2022

In the year’s best fiction film, Marcel the Shell With Shoes On describes a documentary to his grandmother: “It’s like a movie, but nobody...

The Best Lead Actors of 2022

I’ve got more women than men in this year’s list. That isn’t anything new — in some years, the men dominate the lead roles,...

The Best Supporting Actors of 2022

Not for the first time, I’m stuck for something to write as a prelude for this annual feature that I do, so I’m just...

The Best Movie Dialogue of 2022

I found more good material than usual for this annual feature that I do, and I’m posting this early to see if I get...

Hittin’ the Fort: Wayne Floyd

Catch Weird and Wild Waynesdays every second Wednesday of the month at Lolas Fort Worth (2000 W Berry St).