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Who’s Watching the Judges?

With a Republican district attorney runoff weeks away and the murder trial of former Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean set for June, the...

Sports Rush: NFL Player Competes Against Sexual Violence

Each year, the United States designates a whole month (April) as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The nation’s football programs have an unfortunate reputation for...

Grassroots Groups Call for Sheriff Bill Waybourn’s Resignation

Organizers and volunteers with Texas Jail Project, ICE Out of Tarrant County, and other local grassroots groups gathered at the County Administration Building downtown...

Top 5 Affordable Places to Buy a Domain Name

It is often said that domain names are like virtual real estate. While the value of a domain name mostly comes from the associated...

Saturday’s Special Election to Determine New Councilmember

When Cary Moon announced his candidacy for Texas House Seat 93 — a bid he lost — state law required that he resign as...

Roe Rally Tomorrow/Sat Downtown

The past week has seen a nationwide outbreak of protests in response to the leaked U.S. Supreme Court vote to repeal Roe v. Wade,...

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Censoring the News

When a staffer with The Southlake Independent pinged Jessica Waller on LinkedIn, Waller thought she finally had the break she was waiting for. After...

How to Post Videos on Instagram

One of the new ways to engage Followers is to upload videos on Instagram. To start with, your knowledge of how to post an...

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