There’s a Thin Pool of Plus-Size Beauties in DFW

Posted October 12, 2009 by eric.griffey in Blotch

An Arlington woman is having a difficult time finding contestants for a local plus-size beauty pageant. Jacqueline Lawrence told NBC that her pageant, which is for teenagers with dress sizes 12 and up, that the pageant promotes self-esteem in its plus-size participants. Lawrence is a two-time winner of the Big Bold Beautiful contest out of California.



    Here is what I find troubling about this…..
    1)how has a contest about your outter beauty EVER been a boost to your self-esteem?
    and 2) can we STOP telling Americans that we need to accept our overweight selves as normal?

    Unless I am mistaken, we are the leading nation with weight related health problems. STOP selling these young girls your contorted idea of “promoting self-esteem”!!!

    Greg J

    Amen, Werkin

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