Suing a record label for failing to promote her album “This Kind Of Love” and blaming poor sales on marketing lapses is beneath Carly Simon. Or at least I thought it was until she sued Starbucks for just that.

C’mon, Carly, an album of pseudo-Brazilian mellow torch music ain’t what your fans want to hear and that’s why it tanked.

Your brilliantly cutting songs of the 1970s and 80s were so personal, detailed, and filled with imagery and beautiful pop melodies that you spoiled us.

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Here’s my favorite Simon song:


  1. Hello, where have you been?

    Carly hasn’t put out a “personal” album since SPY in 1979. You’re comments are 40 years late!

    I love Carly Simon by the way, she can sing the side of a Cheerio’s box for all I care.

    Starbucks is a screwed up company and they screwed her up. They deserve what they get.

  2. What credulous, uncurious op-ed bullshit. This is what Bing delivers first? Something void of detail and built from opinion. Great.

    Oh, this is entertainment news penned in Ft. Worth. Fair enough. All is right with the world. Proceed.

  3. Great pick for a song Jeff, I really enjoyed it. I haven’t heard the new record, but you know how some of these large companies have a false sense of power just because they’re loaded with greenbucks, but oh how often they forget that David slew Goliath!

  4. Starbucks should think twice before signing talented artists up as mere ‘eye candy’ for their quasi-hip (moto-lame) music afterthoughts. Carly is right to seek to define their end of the two-way street.

  5. Carly Simon? Who is that? For anyone younger than 30 (incidentally the ones Starbucks aims at in order to build long term customers) she is a relic of their parents music. Sueing because your CD tanked while being sold through a coffee shop chain? Carly, go back to making good music first, second, sell through a real record label if you want exposure.

  6. Have people forgot how Linda Ronstads Espanola Albums flopped; and Paul Simons change to worldly music didn’t make it with the crowd who bought “Sounds of Silence”. If singers wish to experiment in order to expand their consciousness, so be it; but that doesn’t mean I’ll buy it.

  7. I don’t care… I’m a boomer & I grew up listening to Carly Simon & yeah, I think she could sing the Cheerios box, too. She has a distinct voice. Age doesn’t come into it, if you can sing.

  8. Sueing the company if will not just affect the company but the people starbucks employs. It’s bad enough that people are losing there jobs and she’s worried about not making enough money. Give me a break.

  9. Starbucks was selling her music way, way overpriced. People can barely afford their coffee these days, much less a CD. She’d be better off with eMusic or some other mp3 provider so people can buy and download what they want. Nobody buys a CD these days if they only like one or two tracks.

    Get with the beat Carly. Suing Starbucks is a waste of your time and will only make the lawyers rich.

  10. I enjoyed her music years ago but she as many other artists have done, left the spotlight for many years and then when they return the competition is much greater than before. Especially for FEMALE vocalists! Now all these years later she wants to be an instant Big Star where she left off years ago but to make the salary of a 2009 Celebrity! She is going to have to start at the bottom and work her way back up and only she can make a song a hit or an album a best seller. She has to truly feel the words and the music and not every song will be a hit. She might try teaming up with a current artist and do a duet with a good beat to get things going and mix it up. So many artist are mixing rock & country, or 70’s with the 2000’s. Everyone now has taken a song of 40 years ago and remade it to a different beat. She just needs a little help. Maybe even get several female artist together to do a Sister Sledge or Pointer Sister sort of thing going but with a mix of totally different women through the years. Lots of artists do this just to keep going with their careers and a paycheck!

  11. It is just unbelivable that she is suing for not selling as much as she would like too. So is it Starbucks responsible for us not buying her CDs? We hardly can buy coffee nowdays … Life is not the same in USA!

  12. Anyone here realize that this album, THIS KIND OF LOVE, debuted at #15 on Billboard’s Top 100? 23,000 in sales.

    That is not a ‘tepid’ response, Starbucks.

    btw, the album is really fun. And personal. I dare you to listen to So Many People To Love and Hold Out Your Heart and the title track and then not long for the day when music meant something.

    You won’t be able to not want that.