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Jim Covault (top) and Nate Davis collaborate on a 20th-century masterpiece in Stage West’s Red.

Night & Day

Kristian Lin
Wed 8 - Allison Gregory (see: Monday blurb) has written two plays adapting Barbara Park’s Junie B. Jones books to the theater, but it won’t be one of hers that Artisan Center Theatre puts on this evening. Marcy Heisler and ...


Amphibian Presents “Thom Pain (based on nothing)”

“The past is never dead,” William Faulkner famously declared. “It isn’t even past.” Though he was speaking in national historical terms, our personal lives are just as haunted by distant events that might seem, on the...

THIS HOUSE by Graham,

The Modern and The ‘Phibs Present “This House”

Americans like to harumph that they’re sick of the dysfunction in the U.S. Congress –– too many special interests, career ambitions, dubious backroom deals, and above all, too many elected officials who disdain consensus ...

‘Phibs Raise the Flag

Jimmy Fowler
Lovers of culture and top-shelf theater, take note: Tomorrow (Fri June 22) at 5pm, Amphibian Productions will celebrate its new Near Southside performance space with a free, open-to-the-public champagne toast and flag-raising c...

A Home for an Amphibian

Kristian Lin
Exciting news for local theatergoers: Amphibian Productions has just announced that they have closed the deal on acquiring the property at 108 S Main Street. This comes after a fund-raising campaign chaired by Oscar-winning act...

Help the ‘Phibs Get a Home

Jimmy Fowler
There are a lot of terrific Tarrant County performing arts organizations that need your support. But over the past few years, Amphibian Productions has truly distinguished itself with a series of knock-your-socks off comedies a...

‘Phibs Do “Two Rooms”

Jimmy Fowler
Amphibian Productions presents a staged reading of Lee Blessing’s play Two Rooms 7pm tonight (Mon Jan 30) at The Modern. Tix are $15. Blessing’s multifaceted drama, about a teacher taken hostage in Beirut and the vigil his ...

“Collaborators” at The Modern

Jimmy Fowler
The artist as conscientious objector is a cultural meme that many of us cherish. But throughout history, there’s been no shortage of creative types who’ve traded their artistic integrity – not to mention their souls R...

“Treats” at The Modern

Jimmy Fowler
Amphibian Productions wants to save you from another sad Monday night watching Two and a Half Men. Tonight (Dec 5) at 7pm, the ‘Phibs will present a staged reading of Christopher Hampton’s 1976 play Treats at The Modern. Ti...

National Theatre Live

Jimmy Fowler
Amphibian Productions, in conjunction with The Modern, presents the second monthly offering of National Theatre Live at 2 and 7pm today (Nov 3) in The Modern’s auditorium. Tickets are $18. National Theatre Live is the program...