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South Main Street Development Update

Kevin Buchanan
South Main Street, in the Near Southside, is currently in the early stages of an $8.6 million reconstruction process that will see the street rebuilt with wider sidewalks, street trees and lights, safer pedestrian crossings, an...

Fort Worth Urban App

Jimmy Fowler
Kevin Buchanan, creator of the urban advocacy website Fortworthology.com, has created a new app for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch called “Built Fort Worth.” It’s an architectural guide to the city that features history, ...

Will City Council End Streetcar Study?

Jimmy Fowler
The new urbanism website Fortworthology is predicting that anti-streetcar forces on the city council  – with Kathleen Hicks out of town and Mayor Moncrief voting with the “anti-“ faction – have the numbers to kill com...

Modern Streetcar Unveiling

Jimmy Fowler
Wherever you stand on the debate about an urban streetcar system for Fort Worth, proponents of the plan haven’t given up trying to convince people of the project’s virtues. An example of a modern streetcar will be unveiled ...

S-T Classified Building Update

Kevin Buchanan over at FortWorthology, is reporting that the Star-Telegram classified ad building may be sold to the Fort Worth Club and demolished for a surface parking lot. This mid-century building was negelcted, but has som...