Kevin Buchanan over at FortWorthology, is reporting that the Star-Telegram classified ad building may be sold to the Fort Worth Club and demolished for a surface parking lot. This mid-century building was negelcted, but has some unique characteristics (known as “googie-style” at that time). I agree with Buchanan’s take on this. Downtown Fort Worth is full of surface parking lots, and they encourage (and make it easier) for more cars to clog downtown. They also don’t encourage the pedestrian friendly development, which downtown Fort Worth has been close to getting to in recent years.

We know that the Fort Worth Star-Telegram has been carrying the load for their parent company — McClatchy News Co. — and is being forced to sell off buildings like this to service the California-based McClatchy’s huge debt. But come on folks. Downtown doesn’t need any more surface parking lots. They are ugly and do little for the well-being on the downtown area. And even somewhat ugly buildings are better off being preserved that to be bulldozed so that ashpalt can be paid and parking lanes marked