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One Square Mile

“One Square Mile” Near You

Kristian Lin
If you remember the story we ran last July on Betsy and Carl Crum, the Emmy-winning documentarians behind the One Square Mile series, here’s some follow-up news. They’re producing a new series called One Square Mile...

As part of their documentary on Como, Fort Worth filmmakers Betsy and Carl Crum film Brother Barry.

More than One Square Mile

A Fort Worth filmmaking team graduates to the big leagues.
Growing up in small-town East Texas, Betsy Crum watched a lot of television. And like many who were glued to the tube at an impressionable age, she was confused by the discrepancy between the lives she saw portrayed onscreen an...

Local Filmmakers Tackle Legendary Texas Musicians

Anthony Mariani
In addition to their One Square Mile documentary series, first reported here, married Fort Worth filmmakers Carl and Betsy Crum are tackling a project that’s inherently lighter though much more likely to result in bloodshed i...