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“Pete ‘n’ Keely” at Theatre Arlington

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s “Stage” page features an interview with Todd Hart, executive producer at Theatre Arlington. Hart directs and co-stars with Jenny Thurman in the theater’s current show Pete ‘n Keely, a barbed musical comedy...

Jenny Thurman and Todd Hart star as the formerly married singing duo Pete ’n’ Keely in Theatre Arlington’s current production.


Pete ’n’ Keely get back together to remain relevant in Theatre Arlington’s current production.
Todd Hart, executive producer of Theatre Arlington, didn’t have to do much prep work for directing and co-starring in Pete ’n’ Keely, the biting Off-Broadway musical comedy about a pair of a middle-aged entertainers whose...

Reefer Maddness

Theater Roundup

Big Ticket
Lovers of the stage will enjoy an embarrassment of options this week. Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing, about a playwright and an actress who encounter complications after leaving their previous spouses for each other, is a typi...