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Von Erichs Back In The Wrestling Ring

Jeff Prince
Well, slap with an iron claw and call me stupid. Who knew there were Von Erichs still alive and kicking in the wrestling ring? Turns out, Fritz Von Erich’s last remaining son, Kevin, has two wrestling boys of his own, Marshal...

Joe Ross Left Out of FWST List of School District Supers

In the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s long list of superintendents who have served the Fort Worth schools, published in today’s paper, one name was curiously left out:  Joe Ross.  Ross, a long-time district adminis...

Toxic drilling waste is getting spread all over Texas farmland.

Gas drilling waste is getting spread all over Texas farmland.
When Tim and Christine Ruggiero bought their dream home on 10 acres in Decatur six years ago, they imagined their daughter riding horses and taking in the clean country air. The last thing they imagined was that all three of th...

Good Country for an Old Cowboy

Family ties trump tough times for Barry Corbin, a vagabond at rest.
New York and Los Angeles are convenient home bases for actors seeking work, but hardly the perfect fit for a West Texas fellow with a fondness for horses, cowboy hats, and cold beers shared with plainspoken, friendly folks.

Green Energy

The new Hulk isn’t incredible, but it shows some modest improvement.
Kristian Lin
Welcome to Hollywood in the 21st century, a time and place where a film doesn’t need any fans to spawn a sequel.