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Purple Donkey Punch

Eric Griffey
To quote Stephen Colbert, the host of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, “The Democrats are messing with Texas.” For the Dems, Texas has been a giant void in the electoral map since the Carter administration...

Don McLeroy on “Colbert Report”

Jimmy Fowler
On balance, Texas probably doesn’t have more whack jobs and nut cases than other large states, but for some reason ours get more national attention, perhaps because they speak with a twang. On last night’s The Colbert Repo...

Winter Olympic Thoughts (Part 2)

Kristian Lin
It seems like there’s no good place to be watching the Olympics, at least for us Americans. NBC is getting hosed for its tape-delayed coverage, as well as for the usual stuff. I haven’t been outraged by the delay because ev...