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T.O. To Get KO’d On Sept. 16

Jeff Prince
The Seattle Seahawks decision to pay perennial train wreck Terrell Owens a million bucks to catch passes this season leaves Dallas Cowboys fans savoring Sept. 16. The Cowboys second game of the season is in Seattle on that day....

Revisionist History By Terrell Owens

Jeff Prince
T.O.’s M.O is to play victim, and that smells like B.O. The former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver turned reality TV loser is now a member of the Allen Wranglers (an Indoor Football League team). Owens talked to the radio sh...

Miles Austin Pro Bowl Shines On Jerry Jones

Jeff Prince
Remember this past off-season when Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was trumpeting the talent of Miles Austin for weeks on end? Austin was a restricted free agent at the time, entering his fourth season, looking for a decent pa...

Blotch-slapping T.O. Once Again

Jeff Prince
I Blotch-slapped Terrell Owens last week in my post “T.O. B.S.” for the way he was carrying himself on “Superstars,” a reality show that pairs a pro athlete with a celebrity and has them compete for billions of dollars ...

T.O. B.S.

Jeff Prince
Football is the only sport I’m interested in watching these days — so it’s a long, long dry spell between February and August. During that six-month lull, there is little on TV that interests me sports-wise unless it...