I Blotch-slapped Terrell Owens last week in my post “T.O. B.S.” for the way he was carrying himself on “Superstars,” a reality show that pairs a pro athlete with a celebrity and has them compete for billions of dollars or a bag of Twinkies or something, I’m not sure what. Maybe it’s pride. There must be some carrot at the end of the stick because athletes and celebs alike really break their backs to win this thing.

All except Owens, who mostly coasts.

Anyhoo, I criticized Owens for being a “lackluster leader who consistently falls short of his capabilities and doesn’t really seem to give a damn about anything except for how he looks. Sounds just like his time spent with the Cowboys.”

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Well, this is a new week – but the same old Owens. At the beginning of last night’s episode, Owens announced he was quitting the show because of obligations to his new team, the Buffalo Bills. Sounds like a crock to me, since Owens was surely aware that the Bills hold a training camp each year when he agreed to participate in “Superstars.”

His teammate was supermodel Joanna Krupa, who was forced to quit the show after her partner walked out. Krupa’s parting remarks sounded like the perfect sound byte for most any Cowboys, Eagles, or 49ers fan:

“Am I pissed off? Yeah, I’m definitely pissed off,” Krupa said. “When I sign up for a project I give 100 percent. I put so much effort in this show. As most people know, T.O. does have a reputation of not being a good teammate. And I guess I’m another teammate that got the T.O. treatment.”

And with that, I’m retiring from writing anymore about T.O., unless the Bills and Cowboys meet this season, in which case he will be open game for my poison pen yet again.