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Weapons of Choice

Dan McGraw
Just outside the wrestling ring, eight eager people – men, women, and a kid – are cracking leather belts loudly against the mat, impatient for someone to use them on.  

New(-ish) DVDs

Anthony Mariani
The Day the Earth Stood Still In this remake of the 1951 B-classic of the same name, Keanu Reeves stars as himself, a robotic alien who loathes humankind. He comes to earth off his high interplanetary horse to warn us that if w...

Ram Jam

Everyone’s calling The Wrestler a comeback vehicle for Mickey Rourke, but he hasn’t really been away. He has worked steadily in this decade, and younger viewers probably know him as the deep-voiced, muscle-bound cha...

Hesses’ Messes

The makers of Napoleon Dynamite find their act doesn’t travel south of the border.
Kristian Lin
Nacho Libre is the second comedy from husband-and-wife filmmaking team Jared and Jerusha Hess, whose debut Napoleon Dynamite somehow became a huge hit two years ago.