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Hey Yu Put On Yo Clothes And Play For The Rangers

Jeff Prince
I went to one of those big box stores to check out a high-def TV selling for $500 — except when I arrived, the store wanted to charge another $1,000 just for the rights to shop there. “WTF?” I said, since I al...

Imagine John Lennon At 70

Jeff Prince
October 9 marks what would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday. Ever wonder what the former Beatle, who was gunned down in 1980, would look like today? Well, let’s see: He smoked cigarettes for his entire adult li...

John Lennon Mulls Killer’s Parole

Jeff Prince
Good on Yoko Ono for doing what it takes to block parole for Mark David Chapman, the sicko that killed John Lennon. Fortunately, Lennon’s spirit was gracious enough to give Blotch an interview from the Great Beyond: Blotc...