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“All we can do, Scully, is pull the thread, see what unravels.” — Fox Mulder, The X-Files


Far on the outer fringes of Fort Worth are people who believe they’re being zapped by military satellites with deadly microwave beams. Cellphone towers and “super computers” are used to stream hateful messages into their subconscious minds, 24/7. These methods and more are part of a vast plot to exert mind control over and torture the entire population, these folks claim.


According to the self-proclaimed victims, they are followed in public by street actors and flash mobs who are hired by shadowy government agencies and private contractors. Their tormentors follow, mock, and harass them, often recording the bullying with cellphones. The victims say that federal- and state-based data-gathering fusion centers, government agencies at all levels, an international crime syndicate, mega-corporations, military contractors, local police, and even citizen neighborhood watch groups are all in on it.

Who are these people who believe they are trapped inside an elaborate and vicious harassment program known as gangstalking or organized criminal stalking? They call themselves targeted individuals, and I tracked down some of them to hear their stories. This is not just a local phenomenon, by the way. Across the nation and around the globe are videos, websites, and social media posts about targeted individuals.

Victims complain of small drones spying through their windows. Their cellphones and computers are hacked and fried. Home burglaries and vandalism are among the other complaints of the targeted individuals I spoke with. They also claim their harassers run “noise campaigns” of strategically timed jarring sounds.  Monster pick-up trucks with loud mufflers roar down the street and cars blare their horns or squeal their tires at all hours.

They also hear voices.

Some targeted individuals believe the voices and insults are coming from “V2K,” a microwave technology known as voice-to-skull communication. The microwave technology is one piece of an arsenal of “directed energy weapons” used to harass and torture people, these people allege.

Whether you believe their claims are real, imagined, or a little of both, many targeted individuals appear to be trapped inside a matrix of fear. Critics call the idea of gangstalking a giant hoax or a sign of mental illness, but the victims say the truth is out there.




Targeted individuals point to patents and testimonies from doctors, scientists, and high-profile people like whistleblowers Bill Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe of the National Security Agency (NSA) who have publicly said they are concerned about directed energy weapons. Binney and Wiebe preceded Edward Snowden, another NSA whistleblower. Snowden caused a global uproar when he leaked classified documents that showed how the NSA and other agencies are spying on the public.

The former world technical director for the NSA, Binney has aired his concerns on The Jimmy Dore Show and other programs. To date, directed energy weapons have yet to gain the same widespread attention as massive government spying and surveillance.

Binney said he and others are gathering scientific evidence to show the government is testing directed energy weapons on the general population. He further claims that legal actions — motions, affidavits, and injunctions — will be used to try to stop it.

Directed energy weapons do not use new technology, Binney told the comedian Dore. The technology was developed in the 1970s and 1980s and is even more advanced today. Other invasive technology aimed at the public includes “brain-to-computer interfaces” or computer-based programs that can read your mind, he said.

“Some of these other things are quite a bit nastier than just spying,” Binney said on the program.




Some of Fort Worth’s targeted individuals hover around an online group run by Richard Lighthouse, a rabid government critic from Houston. His online bio states that he previously worked for NASA and holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University.

Lighthouse calls himself an advocate for targeted individuals. He has accused numerous U.S. intelligence agencies and contractors with the U.S. Department of Defense of using weaponized satellites to experiment on and torture the public.

“This is not a joke,” Lighthouse warns on his website and in his dozens of e-books.

The weaponized satellite program, Lighthouse believes, resides at the USAF Space Command at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado. There, military personnel are given orders to blast unsuspecting citizens with energy weapons that produce searing pain, unexplained burns on the skin, and bizarre neurological symptoms. The U.S. military is the strategic force behind the satellites, and the CIA in Denver provides the funding for the gangstalking program, according to Lighthouse, who is affiliated with the group

“Cell towers are sending subliminal messages at everyone,” reads a statement on “Subliminal Messaging = Government Mind Control.”

Lighthouse and his followers have sent cease and desist letters to virtually every U.S. intelligence agency, and they have accused Lockheed Martin, AT&T in Dallas, and Raytheon of perpetuating the gangstalking “program.”

Everyone in the United States, wrote the Targeted Justice group in a December 2018 letter to Gen. John Raymond of the Air Force Space Command at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado, “is being tracked by military satellites  even your family members and children are being hit with microwave ‘bullets’ from satellites and cell towers. These are directed at their heads and cause brain damage. The satellites are controlled from Schriever Air Force Base.”

A July 19, 2019 letter posted on Lighthouse’s website shows a response from Robert Spencer, vice president and deputy general counsel at Lockheed Martin’s headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. “Lockheed Martin does not participate in the activities you describe in your letter,” Spencer wrote.

Lighthouse has penned a poetry book, Nucking Futs, and written dozens of e-books with equally colorful titles. Clowns, Idiots, Assholes (CIA) & The Smoking Gun, The Governors of Gangstalking, and Cell Phone Hacking & the Nazi Stasi Academy (NSA) are just a few.

Lighthouse’s e-books are peppered with photos of grinning U.S. intelligence and military officials, and swastika symbols are superimposed over intelligence agency logos.

He also promotes his theories on time travel and parallel universes in his writings. In 12 Ebooks Deserving the Nobel Peace Prize, Lighthouse nominates himself for each of the highly prestigious awards.

So, who believes this stuff, anyway? To borrow a line from The X-Files, let’s just say, “I want to believe,” but Lighthouse was not very helpful when I emailed him to request an interview. I was met with instant suspicion and an accusation that I’m a government agent posing as a reporter. That would make me a “perp” or perpetrator of gangstalking, as they’re called in the world of targeted individuals.

“We continue to have bad experiences with people sent to do interviews,” Lighthouse replied. “See the CIA program called Project Mockingbird. It is real and still exists today. If you only want an interview without reading the extensive evidence by medical doctors, former government agents, and scientists, then you already have an agenda.”

Whether Lighthouse is a prophet, a comedian, a shill, or “nucking futs,” well, you decide. When I tried to convince him I’m not working for the CIA, he asked me to send him a list of questions. After reviewing my questions, he promptly turned down my interview request. The Targeted Justice board of directors was against it, he said.

Unfortunately, he wrote, the group continues to receive interview requests from fake journalists and fake TV reporters.

“I wish you well,” Lighthouse wrote in an email, and he vanished faster than a UFO flying out of Area 51.




My search for local targeted individuals led me to Chris Young, who agreed to talk on the record about his experiences.

A little more than a year ago, Young began hearing voices, he said. He wasn’t sure where they were coming from, but he knew they were foreign and not chatter from his own mind. They played on and on, like a song stuck in his head, and connected the dots in his life “in the most horrible way,” he said.

The voices, Young said, tried to illicit paranoia in him. They claimed people were tracking him, stalking him, and spying on him, he said. At first, he wondered if the NSA or FBI had launched him into an experimental program. Others told him they might be demons or the voice of the devil himself, he said.

Young’s explanation is just as wild.

“Are you specifically doing a story only on gangstalking or on the other common aspect of the ‘targeted individual’ experience described as ‘electronic harassment’?” Young asked. “In my personal experience, I have found that the former is nothing more than a delusion cultivated by the latter, which, however, is very real.

“In other words,” he continued, “The ‘electronic harassment’ phenomenon of hearing 24/7 voices is generated by some kind of AI program that imitates a group of human beings stalking the individual. That is what elicits the paranoia and makes individuals believe that actual people in their vicinity might be stalking them.”

Most people are “crazy for thinking the government or any other human organization on the planet could be involved in something like this,” he said.

Logistically, Young said, it is impossible to organize massive operations such as street mobs that follow people everywhere they go.

Another local targeted individual I spoke with is Caleb Newton. The Fort Worth man describes himself as a “gypsy soul” who has traveled across the country doing construction work and odd jobs with his father. Much of the work was done on military bases and in churches, he said. Before Newton landed here, he was dating a woman in Fresno, California, who worked as an investigator for the IRS, he said.

Shortly after the relationship ended, Newton saw “up to 12 cars following me or showing up at random places I went and street theater actors meeting me at places I had previously decided to go, acting out scripts in public and many times expressing personal stuff about my life no one could know,” he said.

Sometimes the “actors” filmed him on their cellphones, Newton said.

He also claims he has been subject to sound campaigns with nonstop blaring sirens and a noise like someone banging loudly on a pipe. The noises went on every night and day for months, Newton said.

The weirdness followed him when he came to Texas.

Newton claims to have seen drones, military planes, and “aggressive helicopters” circling over his home. They maneuver through the air as if doing an operation or drill, and the aircraft appear to be less than 1,500 feet above the roof, he said.

“I was feeling different, weird stuff,” Newton said. “They would electrocute me. The jets were releasing static electricity and had a device that would focus a beam of electricity on me like ‘boom!’ ”

Newton said he didn’t tell his family and friends about his experiences for a long time because he feared they would call him crazy. Unfortunately, they did.

After confiding in a close friend, Newtown was told, “ ‘You’re trippin’, man.’ ”

His harassment carried over to social media and to Facebook, where people on Newton’s friends list would invite him to parties and other events yet would refuse to return phone calls or messages when Newton tried to obtain more details or confirm he would attend, he said.

Employment doors are shut nearly everywhere he turns, he added. That reflects another common theme among targeted individuals. They say they become unemployed, unemployable, or homeless due to behind-the-scenes attacks on their character and reputation.

“I’m being systematically torn apart,” Newton told me.

His electronic devices are either fried beyond repair or have to be reset or replaced constantly. “I went through a whole bunch of phones,” Newton said. “At least five phones were destroyed.”

No one believed Newton when he told them people were breaking into his home, stealing his belongings, moving things around, and putting drugs in his food, he said. Other targeted individuals I spoke with also claimed they were drugged or had their homes burglarized.

Similar to Young, Newton believes technology is used to harass him. A cell phone app he uses shows he is being “doused with radiation,” Newton said. Additionally, he believes different frequencies are aimed at him and have caused everything from short-term confusion and fatigue to headaches and making his bowel movements go or stop.

After we talked several times, Newton sent me a message saying the harassment against him was increasing because he was exposing the gangstalking program and how it works.

“Do me a big favor,” Newton wrote in a text message. “Do humanity one, as well. Don’t let my death be in vain when this all comes down.”

Stunned, I tried to contact him a few days later, but his phone was out of service. Text messages and emails I sent went unanswered.




After joining Facebook groups and reading numerous online posts on other social media outlets, I soon found that there is no shortage of interesting people in the world of targeted individuals.

“They are trying to destroy me and my credibility for some reason,” wrote a Fort Worth woman who identified herself as Deborah Withrow in a public forum on gangstalking. “Who the hell is paying for this surveillance? They have been coming into my job the whole four years, putting something in the walls in my lobby and restroom walls that look like nano mics.”

The microphones are “so small they look like a very small black wire with a black square on one end and barbs on the tail of the wire to make it stick in sheet rock,” she wrote. “People will come in with phone in hand and big earphones on to hear what they have gotten from mics. Why me? I’m a nobody.”




Another person I found online was Richard Moore, who runs the Facebook page North Mississippi Anti-Gangstalking Association and the United States Anti-Gangstalking Association on YouTube. Moore travels across the country talking with other targeted individuals and interviewing them on his social media pages.

Moore says he is a targeted individual, as well.

“I see dozens of people on a daily basis stalking me,” Moore told me in a phone interview. “I’ve been harassed from one end of the country to the next.”

The harassment ramped up when he recently drove from Mississippi to Mesa, Arizona, to visit a friend.

“I was boxed in by 18-wheelers and had to take the left shoulder at 85 miles an hour,” Moore said.

Drones come around his home at night, and a volunteer fire department building across the street has a camera trained on his home, he said.

“I’ve had stuff done to my car,” Moore said. “All of my lug nuts were loosened on every wheel. I’m tired of this creepy-ass shit, people screwing with my shit, and God forbid if I get the name of any one of those drone operators.”

To deter the drones, Moore installed colorful disco lights that strobe across his front lawn. This, he said, is designed to give the drones “the show of their lifetime.”

During our interview, Moore told me he has a problem with those who say the concept of targeted individuals is made up. Too many people have similar stories, and “this is not a case of people suffering from a worldwide mass delusion,” he said.

Adding to the problem, Moore explained, is that many people who claim to be advocates for targeted individuals are actually working against them. He believes they’re simply gathering testimonies to control the narrative, spread disinformation and discredit the victims.

“They know what’s happening because they’re the ones doing it,” Moore said.

Moore is not a fan of the Targeted Justice crew. In his opinion, they claim to be preparing legal action, yet they are more talk than action, he said.

“They will take, and they will throw gas on every theory, every hoax, every sleight of hand, and they’ll back it up with phony scientific proof, and, folks, that’s why I’m wearing shorts because the bullshit gets deep,” Moore also said in one of his videos.

He agrees with them on some points. Moore concurs that everyone is targeted in the sense that we are all under some form of surveillance every day. Our data and electronics are easily monitored and mined for information. And as the NSA whistleblowers have demonstrated through classified documents and their testimonies, data can be collected on all citizens, not just suspected criminals or terrorists.

Moore noted that after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Patriot Act ushered in sweeping government powers for surveillance of the citizenry. That included the birth of the Department of Homeland Security and “fusion centers.” The centers are promoted to the public as a way to reduce domestic terrorism through information shared among intelligence agencies and police organizations.

Locally, the North Texas Fusion Center in McKinney describes itself as “an all-crimes, all-hazards approach to the intelligence cycle in an overall effort to mitigate threats or hazards to the North Central Texas Region while protecting the constitutional rights of all citizens.”

The center works with government and corporate “stakeholders,” according to its website.

“Data is being collected on every breathing entity in the U.S.,” Moore said. “It’s a fact, and it’s designed that way. It’s used as an attempt to interject into someone’s life, to slow it down or speed up … and nothing stops them from doing that.”

Under the guise of national security, people are placed on watch lists as persons of interest or suspected terrorists. The catch is you will never be told you are on a list and you cannot challenge it, Moore said.

In Moore’s opinion, “It’s massive fraud.”

But why go to so much trouble? Because there’s big money and grants galore in the business of policing the homeland.

In 2020, a total of more than $1.1 billion in federal grants was budgeted for the state homeland security program, urban area security, and “Operation Stonegarden,” a border security program, according to government documents.

Moore said his many complaints and reports about being stalked are ignored.  He has called the FBI, the sheriff’s department, and 911 to complain about the drones hovering around his home and peering in his windows, but no one wants to listen to him because “they already had their story, and their story is a damn lie,” Moore told me.

Moore, a former businessman, said that because of his criminal background, his many reports and complaints are ignored. He voluntarily told me he is an ex-felon who served time in federal prison for a crime he maintains he did not commit.

A character assassination was launched against him after he made enemies in business, Moore said. Specifically, a mail advertising flyer he created was stealing too much ad revenue from a local publication, according to Moore. That led to a criminal setup that involved planted evidence, he maintains.

In a January 2006 article, a local publication wrote that police and county sheriff’s officers “were conducting a burglary investigation at Moore’s residence, which resulted in the seizure of various pieces of evidence, including his personal computer and a printed image of child pornography.”

According to Moore, a foreign exchange student who temporarily stayed in his home accessed underage pornography, but because Moore owned the computer, he was charged with the crime.

“I lost everything,” he said.

Moore also alleges that law enforcement is perpetuating the harassment against him. In late December 2020, Moore was arrested for cyberstalking for what he categorized as calling out the names of his alleged stalkers on Facebook, which included members of law enforcement.

Moore said he did it because he was frustrated at the nonstop surveillance and lack of any help.

Moore alleges that after he was arrested and placed in jail overnight, someone broke into his home and turned the oven on full blast in an attempt to set the house on fire. He also claims he was strip-searched and manhandled by officers at the jail. On his Facebook page, Moore posted photos of sexually explicit signs he alleges were left in his yard on the night of his recent arrest.

Like other targeted individuals, Moore has also complained of electronic harassment that produces physical pain and insomnia.




Although it does not prove they are used for widespread harassment against the public, directed energy weapons do exist.

Strange neurological symptoms experienced by American diplomats in China and Cuba “are consistent with the effects of directed microwave energy,” according to a recent report by the National Academies of Sciences. The report stopped short of proving that it was due to a directed energy weapon.

Additionally, the U.S. Department of Defense is developing directed energy weapons for war applications, according to the agency’s website.

The Air Force Research Laboratory has developed a model for “high-power microwave systems, a class of directed energy weapons where a very short, extremely high-power burst of energy is transmitted to create a wide variety of effects on a target, often focused on its electronics components.”

Organized stalking campaigns are also conceivable. Companies exist that accept pay to destroy someone’s life. One of these companies,, calls itself the “best revenge for hire service in the world.” Most of the dirty work is done by contractors offshore, although the company claims on its website that they do not break any laws.

In a documented case of gangstalking, an Ohio couple filed a lawsuit alleging that for the past 11 years, residents  including city officials  have been driving by their home while revving their car’s engines, screeching tires, and honking horns, for as long as five to 10 minutes at a time. According to the lawsuit, there have been “thousands” of such events.

The couple alleges the stalking began in 2007 over a land purchase dispute with a former fire chief, according to published reports.

One problem facing targeted individuals is that their claims sound crazy and are often categorized under symptoms of paranoia and other forms of mental illness. They are often very difficult to prove, as well.




To find out what else could be at play, I sought the help of an expert, Dr. Michael Nuccitelli, a licensed psychologist in Brooklyn. Nuccitelli is also the founder and CEO of iPredator, and he researches cyberbullying, cyberstalking, online predators, internet trolling, and “the dark side” of human consciousness.

“OK, Scully,” Nuccitelli said when I told him about the story I was working on. He jokingly nicknamed me the skeptical female sidekick to Fox Mulder on The X-Files.

Nuccitelli agreed to anecdotally comment on gangstalking from a psychologist’s perspective. In essence, people who believe there is a conspiracy against them or that they are being followed everywhere they go are usually experiencing mild to severe paranoia or delusions, he said.

Part of it involves something called “confirmation bias,” the act of stringing together events to create a narrative to support a belief. The internet, Nuccitelli said, has made that even easier. All a person has to do is find one other person to agree with them, and off they go.

“If I see fog and believe I’ve seen a ghost, then it’s a ghost,” Nuccitelli explained, adding that it is difficult to change someone’s mind once a belief sets in. “Once you ask them to entertain the idea that it might be something psychological, they turn you right off.”

He views “targeted individuals” as a fascinating study into the human need for self-preservation and the desire to belong to a group.

“As part of the human condition, it is natural for all of us to practice self-preservation,” Nuccitelli said. “We are social pack animals and genetically wired to protect ourselves and the proverbial ‘group.’

“Unfortunately, some people and groups exhibit paranoid thinking by going from skeptical and vigilant to hypervigilant and afraid,” he continued. “Paranoia is a psychopathological manifestation of self-preservation and skepticism. Blind faith, confirmation bias, and mild to severe paranoid thinking leads some folks to believe in the absolute absurd.”

Nuccitelli not only studies stalking behavior. He has experienced it himself. A group of podcasters who used to have Nuccitelli on their show had a falling out with him and launched a smear campaign against him, he said. In 2014, they created websites filled with wild accusations, including that he is a federal agent. (Sound familiar?)

Nuccitelli calls his harassers “the tin foil hat crew.” They went as far as contacting the state licensing board to try to destroy his career. Although the complaint gained no traction, he still endured the stress of dealing with it. Ultimately, Nuccitelli decided to leave his critics alone and not attempt to have the content taken down from the websites, including

“They simply prove everything I’m trying to warn people about,” he said.

Not everyone is so lucky. Such attacks can damage a person’s credibility and reputation to the point where their entire life is destroyed.

After several conversations about gangstalking, Nuccitelli asked me what I think about it based on everything I saw and heard.

I couldn’t resist by replying with another X-Files reference.

“The truth is out there,” I told him. “And Agent Mulder, it’s really out there.”


  1. Gangstalking is a term used to describe a step by step system of coordinated harassment, intimidation, manipulation, and assault purposely designed to elicit reactions which can be used to frame the victim with mental illness. It is ultimately a corruption program that seeks to create leverage, the threat of being discredited as having mental illness, in order to coerce complicity and compliance in corruption.

    The methods to achieve this are by design so extreme as not to be believed. 24/7 sound assaults in conjunction with gaslighting to erode and undermine people’s sense of self. The most extreme forms of sleep deprivation caused by assaults from so called “crowd control” non-touch torture. Sleep deprivation so extreme it causes people into fight or flight mode and their reactions used as “evidence” of mental illness rather than truth that they are trying to escape torture. For those who refuse to be complicit in these programs that do cause death, the assaults continue so that routine can never be established and they are effectively prohibited from establishing their life and credibility. These programs are literal torture. They cause death and are therefor murder. Those who participate, or enable these assaults are complicit and accountable for murder.

    There is no excuse, no justification for these perverted assaults. Just violent abusive criminals seeking to create and exploit corruption. The very same criminals create disinformation and propaganda campaigns, fake victims support groups and fake victim testimonials on YouTube in order to discredit the genuine victim who speak out about the violence they have been subjected to. Journalists, sadly, love to repeat those idiotic and nonsensical claims and create an environment of enablement that is exploited ruthlessly by these criminals at the expense of people who just want to live their lives without being assaulted and violated in their homes.

    These criminal corruption and discrediting campaigns, are the modern day equivalent of the extortion and protection rackets… instead of roided up thugs demanding protection money, they use cowards behind computers assaulting people with DEW not for cash, but complicity in their corruption.

    • I am from Huntsville. I was targeted by DOD and corrupt law enforcement. I have a long huge story about corruption in the DOD. They are attacking me right now. Girl friend raped. Illegal searches leading to robbery at gun point by police. They then left me with a warning. This is real. I have names and addresses of corrupt law enforcement.

    • So true you have a great understanding of what this stazi type gaslighting and stalking we nonconsensuals go through daily the worse for me is the no touch torture frequency weapons being used. We are the beta test subjects so they might someday roll out to control the masses,
      Ti Kenneth
      Under assault Johnson County

    • Many of the fake victims are mentally ill and think they’re being targeted, or are paid by the agencies behind this conspiracy to post BS online, but you seem to understand what gangstalking really is.
      It’s intended to get the victim institutionalized or killed while leaving minimal evidence behind.
      Very similar to Scientology’s “Fair Game” program or the COINTELPRO and Zersetzung programs.
      The technology is not very advanced either, if you want to build one of the same weapons you just need money and microwave engineering knowledge.
      >”fake victims support groups”
      TargetedJustice is one example of a fake victim support group, there are many others too but TJ seems to be the largest one.

  2. What Luke said is the truth. If you don’t think Gangstalking is real, please think again. Hard to believe for the individual not being affected by it, however you better pray it doesn’t happen to you or one of your loved ones, regardless of whether you believe this program exists or not. The program is sinister in nature and the intention is to try to destroy your life and freedom. The systematic coordination is done at a high level, no criminal group can do this on their own without the help of the _________? As with all information that is brought to light and especially when many people around the country sharing similar stories, the public has to decide for themselves if this program is real or not. The ball is in the public hands to demand action and help these victims by creating new laws to prevent this type of illicit activity. They say movie ideas are really events that happen in real life, well two such movies the public should watch are “The Game” with Michael Douglas and “The Truman show, ” with Jim Carrey.

    • Yes, I have the onion belt. I talk to the. My friends have come up to me and told me what i said. They make movies off my ideas. It is torture 100% I can’t wait for vengeance on the tyrants. I tell everyone of the conspiracy to corrupt justice through the rnm.

  3. Well written Luke. We should add history of un consented illegal experimentation by US government, list of of US patents for directed energy weapons, voice to skull weapons, use of chemicals and of course famous gangstalking instruction manual which started in Nazi Germany where every thing that is done to victim to should be undetectable or look unbelievable.
    Targeted Individuals trough FISA courts get enrolled in various secret watchlists with no opportunity for due process to boost budgets for various deep state agencies along with private contractors associated with this torture program. Just FBI enrolls 1600 hundred people a day on these lists and majority lands on Non Investigative individual list and become enrolled against their will and without their consent in various fear based mind control experiment programs. Once person is targeted, law enforcement agencies refuse to investigate crimes against targeted individuals. Repeated calls to police will land targeted individual into psychiatric lockdown to discredit the victim or police will figure way to incriminate victim with bogus charges. Any lawsuits in respect to use of directed energy weapons get dismissed citing national security and national secrets and get sealed to avoid public exposure.
    While I have learned to ignore 10-15 cars following me on long rides and whole group will check in hotel I am staying and I will be attacked with directed energy weapons so severily that I would have to leave hotel within few hours often continuing trip without sleep. And yes, I have trimeter readings recorded to show that it is not paranoia. Just like air purity meter readings and witnesses to show poison release in the house air. On one of the trips after I checked out of hotel few hours later, whole group followed me and harassed me in rest stop.
    I personally had dealt with attempts to push me into concrete median or attempts to push me off the road or attempts to sideswipe my car.
    Unfortunately for targeted individuals many psychiatrists and psychologists are part of this sick and twisted system. And ER doctors will refuse to test you for poisons after being poisoned. Yes, our system is that corrupted. But all this is just a prelude for One World Order where “elites” wants everyone microchipped and connected to AI. We are just guinea pigs for new world orders depopulation agenda.

    • Fusion center and infragard civilian Corp. Matrix infiltrated by mafia. (Arkansas ) this is 100% real

  4. It is nice to see this addressed in media even if so many facts are ignored in the article.

    The targeted individual program is the FBI cointelpro targeted individual gang stalking operations. These assaults on activist and whistleblowers are backed by documentation of our government carrying out the exact assaults on the same groups, activist, whistleblowers and civilians decade after decade in the United States. These Cointelpro operations have been combined with the unethical human experimentation programs that have been ran constantly and consistently in America for over a century.
    We find the same local, state, federal officials as well as the same military contractors, private contractors, universities and institutions involved in these terrorist crimes.
    When the FBI Cointelpro stalking/ assassination program was exposed after running for decades in secrecy it was said to have been shut down. In an apparent effort to prove they would no longer stalk and murder civilians such as Martin Luther King, Fred Hampton, Malcom X, the FBI destroyed evidence nationwide of their criminal activity which had been carried out for decades.
    Noticing how smart this intelligence agency was after they quickly recognized that drugging, poisoning, and murdering civilians was wrong, no action was taken to hold those that participated in these crimes and murders accountable. This left the criminal syndicate that had been created completely intact. All individuals that had built this network to carry out illegal like terrorist attacks on innocent civilians remained in their positions at local, state and federal levels.
    With this infrastructure left intact, the participants in murder held unacceptable, their is little doubt who any individual or law enforcement agency would suspect of similar crimes that have been carried out continuously since this program was exposed.
    It’s as if a child rapist has been caught, suddenly realized raping children was wrong so they were not prosecuted, then year after year we find reports of more children being raped, the same description of the crimes, the same methods used, the same denials from this delusional criminal, the same tactics seen at every level. Most educated individuals might look at the criminal who had previously committed similars crimes the exactly duplicate the crimes being carried out.
    The hearing of voices is often found in mass shooting suspects, it is worth noting that some of these also contacted the FBI prior to engaging in these acts of violence, reporting they were victims of CIA, FBI assaults using weapons to make them hear voices which directed them to commit violence. The Florida airport shooter as well as the Myron Maye are a few of these individuals. Myron Maye posted a one hour plus video describing his targeting by the government.
    The tech as stated in the article is nothing new. This is technology that has been built on the 1961 Allan Frey microwave auditory effect experiments. In 1961 audio was successfully transmitted to a test subjects cerebral cortex, the subject targeted with this weapon could repeat nine out of ten words that were transmitted to them, words only they could hear.
    DARPA has taken over research on microwave weapons in the 1950’s after the Soviet Union was found to be bombarding the US embassy in Moscow with microwave for surveillance purposes. They are now engaged in the Brain initiative, neural link and N3 program researching the use of microwaves.
    This research is conducted to further the study of using microwaves to wirelessly transmit not only audio, but video as well as pictures yo a test subjects neural receivers using EF, EMF and RF produced microwaves. This is basically technology that can be used to program a human brain, the cointelpro operations are also carried out to traumatize the test subject, the noise harassment and light harassment found used in the Horn honking, loud vehicles sensitize the test subject, the bombardment with LED headlights every time they drive sensitized the test subject to this creating a traumatized individual. This is needed before the programming can take place to produce better results. This is clearly seen in the CIA MK Ultra experiments which were carried out, the best mind to program or reprogram is one that has been traumatized, or fractured.
    We find the use of sonic weapons by the FBI in America in Waco Texas, when they were used to disorientate the branch davidians, the use of bright lights also seen in this military and FBI assault. The FBI also played audio recordings of rabbits screaming as they were being slaughtered to these men, women and children before they were burned alive.
    We also find research undertaken by John Hopkins University who has also been involved in unethical human experimentation in the past. The Mysore Owls experiments were carried out here, these scientists would drill holes into the Owls skulls, screw and glue electrodes into their brains and bombard them with lights and audio for up to twelve hours at a time as they monitored the Owls brain activity.
    There is no denying the FBI cointelpro targeted individual gang stalking operations, just as in the exposed operations false media story’s were planted to discredit the victims as they carried out these crimes for decades.
    The patriot act gave these agencies the freedoms they feel they have to carry out crimes that are illegal in any civilized society, Homeland Security created to play a major role in these programs, overseeing police involvement as well as coordinating these assaults. Obviously no law provides protection for the criminals involved, just as if our legislators passed laws saying it was ok to rape or kill children, such actions are horrific and the sadistic individuals carrying the out of course would be prosecuted when these crimes were exposed.
    Of course I have recorded video after video of the same harassment used against Rick and Cindy Krlich, the couple mentioned in the article, this harassment taking place in towns across Texas, I now stay with a lady I met also targeted, a assault and rape linked to her targeting which the stalking and harassment in cities across Texas of this friend as she tried to flee points to a campaign of terrorism being carried out by Texas Police as well as the FBI who I have a recorded phone call to addressing these crimes.
    When her name was mentioned they promptly hung up the phone. My targeting is linked directly to the FBI, the 24/7 stalking and harassment began exactly one day after contact with FBI, many witnesses as well as their are witnesses to the stalking and harassment of their cointelpro assault and rape victim, her continued harassment, and the further harassment of those who witnessed the continuation of the terror campaign against her in Fort Worth Texas.

    • Well said Keith. Yes indeed the lady you mentioned has been through a horrific nightmare in Fort Worth. As your friend and witness to these unconscionable, wanton crimes against her, her brother, against yourself and against humanity, these local, state and federal sadistic criminals need to be exposed and held accountable. This program and its tentacular operations are are by design, meticulously clever and covert unto the public. There is an abundance of peer-reviewed/ published documentation and information available to any and all, that will support and substantiate any and all ubiquitously reported claims made by targeted individuals, statewide, nationwide, and worldwide. There is ample whistleblower information and affidavits and court permissible evidence that there is absolutely no reason or excuse for this program not to be at least practically understood by any reasonable human being or honest official who investigates this subject. No excuse for these covert yet individually over crimes to continue, whatsoever. “Role Playing” in civilian affairs and it’s counterpart “Psychological Operations” in civilian affairs must be addressed. Many if not all of these operations are being funded by DHS and ran through the fusion centers branching into infraguard and citizens corps, which oversee all the various neighborhood watch groups like C.O.P.S., Citizens On Patrol System, in addition to many rogue elements within police corruption and involvement. Innocent victims are being consistently chosen for various reasons, slandered, Set up, secretly profiled and labeled as career criminals, drug addicts or dealers, mentally unstable, pedos, thieves, etc – the most extreme labels imaginable. The surveilled, stalked, harassed and tortured 24/7, every single day of their lives until they are jailed, institutionalized, or killed. Many commit suicide as a result these domestic terrorists. J.F.

      • Why don’t you just name that woman here so observers can gauge the case–and Targeted Justice commentary for themselves?

        I mean, Lankford has publicly named her on his blog, repeatedly.

        She asked me to publicize her case at my now deplatformed blog (which is up and running again at www(dot)researchorganizedgangstalking(dot)org, and under a log-in page “electronic” attack as I write this) before I realized I had been trolled (she started into the electronic brain beams stuff with her brother.)

        Her name is Sarah Degeyter, and she once sent me photos of a light socket in her trailer, and claimed it was evidence of microwave devices. I can provide her emails and photos if you would like.

        I mean, her story of ongoing harassment sounds plausible, cops do that stuff all the time, as documented at Lankfords blog. Lankfords own story borders on believeable narrative too, except….

        But why muddy it all up with the yammering on about electronics and brain zapping, rather than calling it what you know it is, and what respectable scientific and sociological literature calls it: high policing, third party punishment, non-predicated “parallel-investigations” shrouded in “law enforcement investigative privilege” and questionable situations of custodial control?

        Further, not all of these cases of “police stalking and harassment” include brain zappers, UFOs and aliens, so why do YOU throw that into every discussion on that topic?

        Amaud Arbery, a black man who was murdered by a literal “gang” of “stalkers” which included a retired cop, that cops son, and a “neighborhood watcher” who tried to run him over with his car; and all of that as the local prosecutors (all of whom stepped down after the murder) were complicit with that retired cop?

        And just two years before that, the same “gang of police”had tried to Taser Mr. Arbery in a public park with an actual “electronic weapon,”and body camera footage of that non-predicated, premeditated racist attack exists online too.

        Why don’t you guys at TJ ever talk about cases like that? I mean, that seems like its right up your alley: electronics (a Taser) and an actual “gang” of “stalkers” whose names we now have, and who are facing trial?

        And then, the eBay gang of stalkers too, shortly thereafter demonstrates “gangs” of security insiders and their powerful friends stalking a couple. Both of those stories are 100% verified with facts and evidence–why can’t your relatively silver boot heels organization and others like it seem to “prove” any similar cases?

        Ms Webster, the reputable journalist who wrote this article disputes your narrative, and claim that she did not ask you for opinion, and she in fact did. Your entire board refused to comment.

        What’s up with that?

    • I am targeted for death in contra costa county, insurance corporation Contract bounty. Ive got audios talking about it. Police cover up at the highest levels. Attacks by drones and personnel on foot. Medical field heavily involved in my case and Ive got the evidence to prove my allegations. Injuries and burns all over my chest, magnets sticking to my chest and wire detector detects implants all in the same spot where injuries are. Medical proof of organ damage being done. In 5 months time period I was attacked daily by vehicles running me off the road and surrounding me on all sides. I wrecked 3 vehicles running from these people. The last was my motorcycle that crushed my leg. The woman that caused the is the same person from an attack on my way to a workcomp appt.
      The Bankfraud is real. The phone company admitted I had 7 backdoors controlling and monitoring my phones,there by enabling these criminal/intelligence creeps to hear all my personal info ,passwords etc. They basically BECOME YOU!!! They can send emails, text messages and calls in your name and redirect all calls at thier convienience. Ive caught them doing it,as I battled the phone company and bank system. Finally I picked up a LANDLINE at the Metro store and called customer service and thats when I got the truth. You are flagged at the store level and wont get help. Flagged at the bank also. Not to investigate … Ive got photos of my injuries/burns. My case could be so easily proven its insane that we are in a litteral war of good and evil. Trafficked thru a diabollical system. But have faith. Not everyone is corrupt in the lawenforcement. There are Good people, that will rise up and do something.

  5. I represent Targeted Massachusetts, and The Allen Institute for Human Rights. I have been a Targeted Individual, or Cybertortured (UN) for 9 years and 4 months. I will testify in any forum, Public or Private as to the tortured victims of the United States and all over the world. The United States is guilty of Not Protecting it’s citizens. This a Constitutional Duty of Our Government.

    • Frank, I am on the board of TJ Houston. If you like, get in touch with me. Unlike the article states, we are actually “all action, and no talk”. As I say to others, if we all want to make a difference let’s all work together. I will try and help the TIs in your area as much as possible. Hopefully you may do likewise. Nonetheless, let us all be strong. Strong in Spirit. Ty! Spelled just like that. Ty.

  6. I need help and need it now. It doesn’t matter only that I can find the support to get me through some issues Rigjt now mostly legal re arrested on charges that were dropped and I had a lawyer who didn’t represent me on another matter of charges never showed up for court never let me see evidence against me only to find after I just take this great deal there was none .
    I tried to convey that there was this much bigger crime them this fake ass petty drug bust that was only for street theater and to extort money while they steal Shit from my truck . Something hit me while shopping I. That store and I want that video . Time is ticking and while I know they wil have that video to much longer they will be able to say they don’t . I just was arrested in DWI again after it was said they didn’t see they could convict so bondsman was returned their money . Well I’m arrested in a warrant . On those same charges .I didn’t need that warrant they could have given my Scotty date I would have appeared but true to there word I was promised the royal treatment max humiliation and so explains why I ended up in suicide watch after being strong armed by 4 big huge black bitches refused to get supervisor or de escalate from their screaming at me . As I wasn’t screaming at them in severe pain from spine fracture I had not the ability to scream nor fight them only give in . I clearly see what is happening here and when I get home the next day I get mail from that lawyer I had . As if I want to hire him again to again not defend me . Why did he never pick up the phone one before now back when I didn’t sent a payment in I stop sending money when he never representing me he kept sending me statements even after bondsman had been returned the bond money . Still never one call finally statements stopped . I wasn’t a bit surprised when I got his mail about representing me only surprised at my lack of being surprised .
    I need to find legal aid in financial exploitation of 20 years and a $40,000 balance I have proof undisputiple proof this was willingly intentionally done with malicious to cause me undue hardship to keep me from being able to recover cause I wasn’t suppose to find this document .
    I believe this is why I’m under this charges again . DWI arrest the took my dash cam and erased it arrested me fret giving me the longest Ed most extensive sobriety test beyond my physical abilities blinding me I was not going to pass this test and intimidating me never asking me to take this blood test and I question them asking fir a lawyer . I don’t drink . I am used to this shit and I had just been arrested a short time before this so the smart ass I am I have a jar of Baking soda in my car for them to find they charging me with dangerous drugs a gram there is way more them a gram In This jar .
    And it’s Baking soda !
    Are you kidding me ! They trash my car I mean trash it and steal items and also trade me items that I don’t authorize a trade . Two it’s stealing . They punch my dash rip my head liner test up everything I. My trunk loosen the caps in all the hygien stuff in my over night bag and just make a damn mess .
    The previous bust they took the whole dash cam and other items and this issue will never be addressed because my lawyer failed me.
    And You know when the DA is more worried about this petty ass dope deal that really isn’t even fir real when your trying to explain a much bigger crime but he isn’t hearing it .
    All I have to say is we should stop trying to convince these people of this shit cause there is no doubt it’s just a layer of time before they become the next victims

    • Later I would live just one block half really from my property line to the Phoenix fusion center at Papago mountain . Something I recently discover it’ as being that never knew that when I lived there almost 10 years. 20.
      I was told I wasn’t supposed to live at birth and that I was traded fir a goat nit sure exactly what this means but I came across this movie made called
      “the men who stared at goats “ it was a program on Fort Bragg and I used to live these my husband was a 54 E NBCNCO chemical war fare specialist for a Battalion. My 3rd a 2 nd generation mason with RH negative blood who has financially exploited me 20 plus years and continues after I discovered the document Proving how he deceived the court and I after carefully crafting this plan to make me vulnerable in order to get his desired results I have a remaining balance of $40,000 . He is so far up my ass I got a new garnishment for what I thought was an employer they thought was mine when I’m fact it’s an insurance company fir this restaurant that I fell in.I gave management my name and number that’s was all . They filed incident report that must have been flagged fir this judgement . I had nit planned to even file a claim fir any settlement but if I do they are already in it . Ax DES giving g VIP assistance to a case of arrears with 15 plus years if continued payments and he isn’t a title 5 welfare recipient who ever used public assistance and my kids are 30 & 31 yes of age . Just confirms the assistance in his getting a judgment I never got a notice I. 10 years . It is so sick he chose to be a single parent and played it to advantage . My kids were homeless one just got an apartment after 5 years homeless . He is the most ruthless selfish cruel man to deny me and my boys relationship and to create financial hardship so great I never recover and he threatens even to take my house when much older husband dies . He fils married separate so as to not ever give him a dime if my husbands money costing us a lot by not claiming me .
      I’m still trying to wrap my head around this shit . Professed to love me one who had a duty to care , cared so little just scared by until court order to marry God why ? It’s nothing I did . Clearly my place in life .God please accept my plea set me free set me free help me to live fir thee .

  7. The group called TargetedJustice, has evidence collected over 5 years, including diagrams, and naming the USAF officers that are involved in the microwave weapons program. US patent 4345220 proves that the microwave weapons were developed by the USAF, and manufactured by the Titan Corporation in San Leandro, California.

    The National Academies of Science reviewed the attacks on the Cuban and Chinese diplomats and concluded they were likely caused by microwave weapons.

    Mark Lenzi is an electronic signals expert for the Dept of State, and he said they were definitely attacked by microwave weapons.

    The CIA provides the black budget funding for this program as an Unacknowledged Special Access Project (USAP). All USAP’s are illegal and Unconstitutional, because Congress and the President are not fully informed about their existence and use.

    • Oh , I recall seeing the surveillance van used my dad brought it home a couple of times and while I could not have realized at the time this state of the art was in a shitty rusted van with amagnwtucdugn thrown On The door ithad equipment taking up most of the van and looking back that’s what it was this other technology otherwise it would not take up the entire space of the cargo part of van. My dads undercover car always had Colorado plates . Sometimes
      Nevada . It’s is no coincidence my detective dad I’m organized crime buys a house actress the street from a drug dealer and knows it never saying a weird to me even sitting I. The lawn chair watching the raid and the cops leave the drugs . Later there is a house party so damn big you had to wait awhile just to get into house and it was so packed there was no space to move . I would witness one other such event that I resize is some ritual celebration .

    • Winter Owen Calvert (Richard Lighthouse’s real name) is a fed and TargetedJustice is a disinformation group. His theories about time travel and microwave satellites are BS and intended to make real victims look crazy. Fake victims are also making it harder for people to believe real TIs.

  8. It is unfortunate that the author of this article, refused to speak with any of the 30 medical doctors and scientists listed on the website of TargetedJustice. These professionals will gladly attest to the reality of this illegal program.

    This includes:
    Dr Beatrice Golomb, MD, PhD
    Dr John Hall, M.D. and author
    Dr Katherine Horton, PhD Oxford Univ. Scientist
    Dr Robert Middlebrook, PhD Professor
    Dr Harold Mandel, M.D.
    Dr Daniel Lebowitz, M.D.
    Dr Max Williams, PhD, Professor & former State Dept diplomat
    Dr Barrie Trower, PhD government Scientist

      • If your emails and phone calls are being blocked, it does not mean that someone is dead or refuses to help. Most of these doctors and scientists have posted videos, publishes books or technical papers, or have website contacts. See TargetedJustice dot com.

    • Bro all any one had to do was ask. Seriously y’all are fucked up think about it. If someone says the same thing without changing the story its truth the only reason I ever lied was for my entertainment. It’s not in my nature to lie. However my life is never gonna be the same. Grow some balls and interview me.. Like years back bwfore this childish bs. Thank you for making my life worth more for everyone other than me it was 15 years ago at least that what I was told who made who. Who hindered all I met that I clicked with and then no call back nothing. Love you guys your the best I’d miss you if you werent around thanks for the company and infamous half truth if who I am or ever was. You tool me away from me…..

  9. I am a targeted individual in Madison, Wisconsin. Smug articles like these make me sick. We really are being stalked, minds read, and electronically harassed with remote weapons. Local police where I live are friends with my stepfather who made just one call and since that time, I’ve been tortured and coerced into silence at times.

    • I am victim of remote nueral monitoring . V2k, being survailled. Being terrorized by numerous detectives. Fbi . And their criminal goonies on. and off for ten years. I’ve had numerous death threats on me and and my family . They claim they are fbi This has been nightmare. I’ve had 3 murder attempts that all involved government officials.. numerous Breakins. Lost all .my money. Haven’t been able to work. I’m down 600k from this and lost everything and been isolated from everyone by fear tatics.. My brain scan is normal. I was healthy adult. I am not schizophrenic. One ladys voice keeps telling me that she’s petrified for me because they really will kill me if I speak out and my child. This is like living in a 24/7 horror movie. I was a whistle-blower about public and government corruption.

    • Instead of being led astray from particular groups, such as Targeted Justice, among many others that are well meaning, reach out to us or research our website(s). Come to your own conclusion. The most important point is do what we are doing in Houston, meet as much as possible! TJ wants to meet 2 times a month rather than 1. The more we meet, the more we grow. And there’s NO stopping this. Get together and form groups and keep on trying! Never give up! Many come and go, but there’s always that one who stYs each time. God bless! Peace!

  10. Please Contact me. I have ample evidence of
    My targeting and the military industrial complex list called the Illinois SmartState military industrial complex list of partners. I have been targeted in Illinois for 5 years. I have the list. The workplace mobbing. False diagnosis. The smearing and defamation campaigns from my employment and the Illinois SmartState military industrial complex partners called the Illinois SmartState blockchain initiative which consist of department of defense, department of energy, 80 universities, medical laboratories, national laboratories, big tech agencies, bio laboratories. I have videos and pictures for the last 5 years of military tags following me in traffic, drones, helicopters (unmarked). Small planes, satellites.

  11. A very serious warning, Hidden Terrorism,Corruption, Extortion, organized crime,drug trafficking, sex trafficking,child sex trafficking, terroristic harrassment ,electronic harrassment, use of energy, acoustic,sonic weapons,devices ,occurring in Sturgis Michigan and lagrange Indiana by police,public safety departments and a company called Morgan Olson located in this areas.Electronic Harassment, Voice to Human-Skull,Hearing, the forcement 24/7 of projected noice,voices to a individual’s head,hearing, for sleep deprivation, Extortion, Manipulation, torture,terrorism, inflict mental disease. harass, inflict pain,false imprisonment, death.similar to the sonic attacks that occurred to the American diplomats in Cuba,China.A systematic campaign … to emotionally and psychologically terrorize. Hidden criminal method to keep crimes hidden and unpunished….

  12. Sad the writer mocks the issue and makes a joke could she endure 24/7 genital stimulation that is served out to a targeted woman? God help the public if they do not get behind the messengers of these atro ities (voice crying in the wilderness) to stop the security agencies running the slow kill mayhem. But for the victims a central data base hub is needed so people can get medical help contact support in their state and band togther this is missing?

  13. I moved to Albuquerque New Mexico Aug 2020 to Oct 2020. I moved into my apartment and was harrassed by police, fbi, sheriff, etc. I had bank, medical and personal information given out about me. I would try to purchase things online to Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc and would not receive some of the things I ordered. I had things returned, cancelled, or never received my items. I would order things for medical and killing insects. They would insult me almost daily, had rides cancelled to the doctor, and went through electronic harrassment. I had agents, and etc send me text messages and would receive Harrassing phone calls. I would hear comments from I don’t like her, I can’t stand her, snitch, I’m going to punch her in her glasses, etc. I am going through electronic harrassment in Iowa and no change. I had to go Iowa for medical help. I also have agents, police, etc going to radio stations talking about me. I filed complaint in Iowa and Albuquerque. Albuquerque New mexico didn’t look into my complaint. I gave her places, names, dates, etc. Nothing. I also have phone numbers like 563-200-5085, 563-200-5467, a lot of numbers started out 563-200 number. I called lawyers. I have No warrants/ no previous records. I have gone through gangstalking, etc. I called the police and talk to someone yesterday. I said I would be glad to court in if I am wanted/ warrants. The officer said there is nothing. I am harrassed electronically and have agents point out staff if I go anywhere who I am and give them personal and other medical information about me. These people have called radio stations and talked about me.

  14. I am looking for a MD to remove my implanted non consensual chips in my body after being gangstalked by the US Navy in San Diego, CA and sent to jail in Williamson county, TX via a theatrical mob in 2014. Any information is appreciated.

  15. Most people who are too loud on the Internet, including yourself, are damage controlling this a lot. This involves fake victims, fake whistle-blowers, shitty journalists and many others, since it’s a sensitive subject for a certain group of very insane people.

  16. Targeted Individuals and Gangstalking is 100% REAL! Its a weaponized system that is organized by various groups and its compartmentalized. You will be followed in patterns by cars, right when you you go into a store they will follow you in or already be there and harass using various techniques.. in your home they get neighbours to eavesdrop and participate under the guise of safety or help monitoring. They smear your name all over town as something nefarious. Every city have apps and notification systems. They send notifications to the community at large and they all rush to surround and harass you in various ways. You also have the intelligence agencies and private contractors/civilians who will harass, bully and use directed conversations of your private conversations through eavesdropping. Happening in Toronto Canada! There is so much more. It is evil, they lie about it and hurt people. There needs to be recognition of the weaponized system that has been going on for far too long. Also it has been acknowledged through the UN on there investigation CYBERTORTURE. Look into it. 100% real and these people are being tormented. Also look up Roman Atwood famous youtubers recent video, it has been happening to him for past year!


  18. Luke, Organized Stalking is VERY real. It is important that you learn everything you can about this horrific crime. I am a former CNN Journalist (UK) High School English Teacher (UK) , Equity Manager, Public Relations Manager, highly educated, from a better than average family, incredibly smart and talented woman who is now Trafficked/sold on the Darkweb for being popular, successful and law abiding….NOT mentally unstable….yet, I am CYBERTORTURED onthe web, on places called RedRoom and PsychhoPorn . These live, interactive games on me are for torture and Pre-meditated murder., Using military microwave satellite weaponary. Yes…military and Police are involved worldwide with this and I will die the harshest death possible and be completely lied about because of men in uniforms and others wearing badges… MURDER THE SOCIALITE ON MILLIONAIRE’S ROW and BEAT THE BITCH TO DEATH are very real. 10 women…all highly educated, beautiful and law-abiding are now dead and these men walk away from this Crime without any consequencese because it is a “No Touch Crime” Learn from William Binney, Kirk Weibe, Dr. Katherine Horton, Ann Vandersteel, Dr. Milicent Black, United Nations CyberTorture Division and listen to Nils Melzer from the United Nations….the evidence is overwhelming if you know how to look for the truth. The United Nations just had their third annual conference on this sickening crime. Every country agreed for the death penalty. Sadly, the States gives 75% of the United Nations funds to them…and then the States then urn around and say that there is no such crime in America, knowing we are the responsibille ones for this… CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY is real. Texas is one of the guiltiest states for this crime, especially. Sam Antonio, Texas and Corpus Christi, Texas..look into it. Your family will thank you…What is currently happening can no longer be kept a secret.. This crime .is incredibly hard to comprehend at first… but is a must for you to learn! Non-consensul implants, nano-dust, chemtrails, EMF Broadcasts, illegal surveillance are already part of your daily personal life and you don’t even realize it. EVERYTHING about me has been lied about… people don’t go mental unstable just out of the blue…This is a huge Money Maker…

    • Hi Katherine,
      This is Teri Webster.
      Can you please email me your contact information? I am interested in hearing more about the Dark Web sites and how this information is being trafficked.
      My email is
      If you respond, please do not send any attachments or files.
      Thank you so much – Teri

      • Hello Teri,
        If you would like information confirming this stalking you should contact me. Although many new agencies participate this is the expanded FBI Cointelpro operations. Just as they targeted the same groups for decades in secrecy that are carrying out their assassination programs again in America. I have many witnesses to the 24/7 stalking beginning in Alaska exactly one day after FBI raised my home using warrant directed at tenant, many witnesses to the continued stalking thousands of miles away, 50-70 videos of the harassment Rick and Cindy Krlich endure, this is the most publicized case which ABC news reported on many years ago.
        There is no denying these murdering criminals are carrying out the same operations they perfected in the 1950s-1970s, same crimes, same targets, same use of media to spread disinformation. If you are going to report on a subject why not report facts. This is America, these agencies are get away with rape and murder only because journalists are fearful of becoming the next victim, or they choose to join in the charade. This cowardice has led us to the state of total corruption we see today.

        • Hi, Keith.
          I agree with you about 90% but you have so far refused to answer questions, especially just before my blog, was de-platformed, while your “electronic mind control, poop, aliens, lizard people and ghosts” blog remained operative online.

          My favorite Mason indeed.

          Are you, or are you not that sex offender guy? I saw your name as a sex offender in the registry, and I am not making a judgement call at all. I could be totally wrong in my cursory research of your name.

          But because you never answered my question, posed directly to you at your blog, as “Keith Lankford, are you or are you not that sex offender listed in online databases” I ask you here, again, in public.

          All of you Targeted Justice acolytes seem evasive to me, and as we see with the author of this post, TJ(who you routinely post crap from) has refused to answer her as well.

          • What a load of crap, of course I am not a sex offender, pretty easy to research and even easier to show that you just post idiocy everywhere you go. I won’t waste the time to research your name, why would one bother when writing stupid crap like this.

  19. The GOV basically hires people to drive people crazy and terrorize them to discredit and or try to silence and intimidate. You get put on a list and will be apart of a parallel judicial system that targets activists, whistleblowers and unwitting members of the public. They do the craziest things over long periods of times so when the individual describes them they seem delusional and automatically thrown into the psychological garbage can. They basically weaponized the mental health system. The worst crimes this world has ever seen if you think about it. is designed to break down the individual and “neutralize the person,” using psychological, physical, and emotional stress. The ultimate goal of this program is to control the entire population, through intimidation, fear, and threats. Political activists, Labor Union leaders, Scientists, and Whistleblowers are some of the main targets of the program. However, most people are randomly chosen. Family and spousal relationships are usually destroyed, as part of this psychological torture.
    The FBI & DHS Fusion Centers run the global gangstalking program, which is designed to harass, intimidate, and break down the target. The FBI outsources much of the local harassment to community groups, such as Infragard, Citizen Corp, and Neighborhood Watch. Targeted Individuals are placed on the Terrorist Watchlist and tracked as “Non-Investigative Subjects (NIS),” which is why police ever help because they are complacent and participate. Hard to believe but that is how dark the world really is. If they can lie about this for over 50 years don’t you think they could lie about COVID? Yes

  20. Yes I understand all too well I also am a targeted individual. The person who I call my ex-son his name is Brandon Jones he lives in Coffeyville Kansas and has friends with neighborhood watch programs. They work with the police department as well as the mental health professions and other facilities. If you ever done anything involving illegal drugs,non-conformative ways or whistleblowers they will converge with many tactics many people to try to get you to be in fear of your life and conform to the way they think you should live. They also use religious beliefs that theirs are proper and yours is not. This is criminal behavior which should be dealt with to the extreme limit punishment by law. I live in Coffeyville Kansas and the activity here is unbelievable I also have first-hand experience with Independence Kansas. I’m sure every city has these criminals within their boundaries. It’s always the many versus the one. After all what chance does one have by themselves, Remember the saying lone wolves are easy prey. There’s strength in numbers,with unity. This used to be America where you had the right to your own political opinions and your personal beliefs be it religious or whatever. I once trusted the police and mental health profession until I found out they were in on it because the same things that were happening in my house which I have witnesses also happened in the Independence Four County facility called Diversions and as well in the Coffeyville Regional Medical Center. Not everyone in these particular facilities are in on it as I have been with a few Four County employees that are unaware of what is going on with their other employee activities. As we have noticed being followed as well as evidence of where these individuals live. They try to enlist the age of everybody they can under the pretense it’s for your own good coercive therapy. Everybody stay safe.

    • Your story sounds true, Unfortunately, journalists, for the most part just swap our IP addresses to police and Fusion Centers, to target the truth.

      In my case, I dare them, blog after blog, and news site after news site, to reveal their methodology, all of which is counter-constitutional, and patently in defiance of both the fourth estate and its mandate in the public interestes, but also, against due process in every way.

      So, all of the (agency affiliated) shitposters in this thread be forewarned: you too, can and will become targets, when “opportunity collides with exploitation opportunities.”

    • There was just a mass shooting in Buffalo, MN today that indicates that what you say above was very likely involved. Small Town Terrorism, expressed as religion, targeting a drunk guy who finally went ballistic:

      As any observer of these cases will note, the reporter made sure he squeezed in some boilerplate from the local Lutheran church too.

      “Gregory Ulrich, 67, is in custody in connection to Tuesday’s deadly shooting at a Buffalo health clinic”

  21. Gang stalking and being a targeted individual are definitely a real issue. My name is Lisa cagle I too am being gang stalked, the loud engines with these pickup trucks constantly go up and down the street that I live on.every time I leave my trailer my Waters messed with . they also spray poisonous gas into my trailer it is 20-something degrees outside and I’m having to sleep with my windows open just to get fresh air in this trailer. I also am stalked, harassed spot on, cell phones hacked listen to all my messages being read. So yes gang stalking and targeted individual is very real.

  22. I personally think far as the Gang Stalking goes is a part of mind control and the program is over a person’s life to make them think someone is following them but actually not. I went through this in 2013 where i thought i was being gang stalked.

    If you don’t have enough energy to run 3 miles without losing breath or increased heart rate then there’s definitely something going on.

    I’ve written last week to the Department of defense. The other day it felt like someone was stopping it and i felt a huge decrease in the effects of Electromagnetic waves, The tracking device came off my body completely for 10 seconds and i felt energetic and full of life.

    In the process of the freedom, the guy forced vomitting attack and then the device came off or was taken off and i instantly felt relieved as if i never was gonna throw up

    I have pictures of device aiming at me and scars that are continously on my body in the form of red dot scars.

    I press my fingers against my hears and move my hands across them for a few minutes and felt difference in targeting. The guy targeting me is a old angry indian man. I saw a image of him through all the frequencies around me and my person.

    So i learned as Humans we don’t have to sleep or get rest. Only when your body is affected by this system. I just assume because the guy targeting me never sleeps or get tired of attacking me.

  23. Have been a targeted individual ( I Definitely feel based on the same experiences as these people i have been reading about ? ) atleast since August 2008 in Melbourne , AUSTRALIA .
    ( Mandated Empaneled Jury Service and it,s aftermath ) As a result, had been subjected to continued gaining / loss of employment prospects and i seriously believe it,s more powerful then even International Organized Crime as truthfully speaking I would be dead by now if it was from the various “MAFIAS” that control the world . These guy,s don,t mess around okay , “THEY TAKE YOU OUT ” My suspicion is also like many other fellow citizens on the earth we live with “NO” borders of nationality / country ? “Ti,s” are being hunted by the Deep state / gov,t employed perps ? Drug dealers are part of it “But”, suspect domestic / overseas intelligence communities working in with the general ( THEY VERY CAREFULLY SELECT ? ) Public and regrettably to say law enforcement “Baddies” ( NOT THE HONEST GOOD GUY,S ) including your local politicians and municipality . Everything i have read from the above statements is DE JA VU for many people claiming a “TI” . NEIGHBORS ? WORK COLLEAGUES ( Gas Lighting tactics ? ) and maybe family associated are amongst the suss entities . To ISOLATE a “TI” is part + parcel
    of this evil . Many High profile good people as well as the ordinary regular everyday human being are in their “PERPS” sight.

  24. The Havana Syndrome is accepted as real. Shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to realize that private security firms would use the same technology to attack and discredit targeted people on behalf of wealthy and well-connected people.

    FBI Boston recently indicted 6 former eBay executives and employees who targeted a Natick, Ma couple who were sometimes critical of eBay’s seller’s policies in their online newsletter. The CBS Boston affiliate covered the FBI’s press conference, and they describe the eBay perpetrators doing all the same things that targeted individuals describe in their complaints.

    Likewise, the Justice Department recently indicted 8 people acting on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party who targeted Chinese ex-pats on behalf of the CCP. These 8 stalkers were doing the same things that targeted individuals complain about. That press conference can be found on the main Justice Department website by searching “Operation Foxhunt Virtual Press Conference” in their search bar.

    Similarly, Ronan Farrow revealed that Harvey Weinstein was doing something similar in the New Yorker article “Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies.” The magazine’s follow up article “A Private Mossad For Hire” details a targeting scheme perpetrated by Psy-group aimed at a mother who ran for a local hospital board seat in an aim to ouster an overpriced hospital management company. That same company does political work and the offending politicians have arranged to have the “Havana Syndrome” weapons furnished to the private security firms. Specifically, these are microwave-based human-machine interface technologies or B-CI.

    Also, I’m sure most have heard of Scientology’s ‘Fair Game’ organized harassment schemes from documentaries like Alex Gibney’s “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief” or the docuseries “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.” And there is a case in Calgary, Canada where 3 former police officers were convicted in a $600,000 scheme that targeted a mother during a divorce case.

    Targeting individuals is a huge business. Groups like Black Cube, PSOPS, Kroll, Palladino, and Psy-Group can earn contracts that range from the hundreds of thousands to the millions of dollars perpetrating covert harassment and they get political cover to perform these crimes.

    The people mentioned in this article are being targeted. For an average person with no knowledge of this topic or the long history of state-sponsored covert harassment from groups like the Stasi & KGB or the FBI’s COINTELPRO or CIA’s MKULTRA, they struggle to communicate what is being done to them. Moreover, there are sophisticated methods and very detailed plans to make the targets appear like delusional or paranoid personalities. Your average joe doesn’t stand much of a chance against an institution of private security firms who have decades of experience making people look like unhinged fools.

    • Um, no. You can’t fake facts “Dave”
      in re: These 8 stalkers were doing the same things that targeted individuals complain about

      Proof or GTFO. Or, just GTFO

  25. My name is Scott. I’m from San Diego and I have been targeted for at least 20 years now right now they are hitting me with directed-energy cooking my internal organs and aging me tracking my teeth severe torture severe pain I can barely move around the frequencies in my body are making my heart jump all over the place. I’m afraid if they keep this up much longer I will be dead. When I getting my car and drive I am attacked by all angles from gang stalkers trying to get me in a wreck on the road my car has been sabotaged the front tire of my car came off completely about a month ago luckily I was only going 30 and I ended up in someone’s front lawn but I had just got off the freeway when I was going 70 that would have been for sure a massive accident and probably death. I have been a prisoner of this horrible horrific campaign for a long time and I am in prison in this campaign from 724 surveillance and everything hacked to the max mind reading, poisoning, tortured with directed energy weapon to the point of you can’t walk you can’t move cuz of pain it makes you crazy, and the gangstalking the surveillance the no privacy all of this is it a complete living hell like you are in a bad bad nightmare that doesn’t end these people are sick sadistic crazy people to even do such a crime against another human being it just doesn’t make f****** sense especially when you are innocent have all your rights and should be for all purposes a free person but you are absolutely imprisoned in a living hell because of these people these agencies and he’s human in experiments that they are doing without consent it is illegal and I want Payback I want Justice and I want Payback

  26. My name is Brandon Ryan Lindsey I am in desperate need of help I am being tortured 24 hours a day 7 days a week I have literally almost died seven times now my heart has almost stopped twice my head was hit so hard with something it felt like my head was going to explode at night they beam something at me so hard I’ve found myself being like a five second Tom where I live the same moment over and over and over and in reality I don’t move a muscle bc I am paralyzed. They have hit me so hard at one point I could actually lean forward and it kept me upright. I am afraid if I don’t find help soon I won’t be alive. Nobody I talk to believes that it’s happening they make me seem crazy. I’ve been under the impression that they are trying to tap into my central nervous system and they say they are trying to control me. They mimic my words. I can actually speak telepathic synthetically to the other people on the other side of this signal they say they try to make a certain part of my brain look like I’m thinking of sex or they try to make me mad and they will try to freeze my emotions try to control my emotions. It sounds like I have static in my brain 24/7 my brain cells are probably literally cooking. Whomever it is tells me daily numerous times of day they are trying to kill me or off me… It is something that I only can hear bc it’s a directed signal and from what I’ve read it seems to be called Voice to Scull and possibly using psychotronic weapons to hit me. At some points it’s worse than others they tell me they are using a certain satallite to do the things that can really hurt me they can literally remote control my penis they have almost torn my intestines out of my body with whatever they have hit me with they shock me and show no signs of being any type of a good human being if it is they would sound and act like they were the sorriest excuse for a human being in this world. I’m not a drug head I don’t do drugs I am really concerned not only for myself but for others around me I am very respected and I work at Hattiesburg Public School District. I am going through a divorce that would be the only reason or thing I have in my life that I can come up with that would give anyone a reason at all to do the things that are happening to me and of course it’s very hard to fathom my ex has paid or is doing this that’s hard for me to even think possible. I really hope you get my message and can help me in any way bc I have not found or been able to make this stop and I’ve tried everything! Going under water. Going under the ground in basements. I’ve had mri done I’ve had ex rays but again this is real people actually trying to control my body using a signal the only thing I’ve ever heard that they may not have realized I heard was NOVEL VIDEOS IN FLORIDA I don’t even know what to do with that but I heard it in the background once. They talk and say they can see out of my eyes I don’t know if I believe it but from what they say sometimes it’s hard for me not believe it’s not true. Sometimes it sounds like they are talking and it echoes like I’m hearing sound from within a tunnel sometimes or most of the time it sounds like I’m just talking to someone or listening to someone from a cellphone. They mimic my words all day long and act as if they are 12 years old. The most immature people I’ve ever encountered or heard in my entire life. As I’m writing you this they are talking non stop . I’m 1000% sure I’m not skitso for freaking sure. The bad part of it is I am really worried about the kid’s safety at this school district along with my kids. I really need help I hope your that person! They also can project holograms in my home and they do shoot bullets into my head using something I’m guessing from a satallite bc I am just at a loss I can’t even hardly comprehend how they are doing what they are doing but it’s not getting better please help me write me at my email at

  27. At Fort Worth Weekly’s Office, I’ve spoken to Julie about 4 times. I’ve spoken to Lee, the owner, once. I’ve spoken to Bob once. I’ve written 3 emails to Lee and have called back several times when I was told the people who could help me would be in the office that were not there when I called back each time (Wyatt and Anthony were two that I remember.) And, I’ve attempted to contact FW Weekly’s Facebook Messenger several times in order to simply find out what’s going on with my two part comment that I posted on Fort Worth Weekly’s Facebook page already, but that will not be allowed through on the main page.

    In addition, I checked my email and Anthony wrote back (first response back from anyone at FW Weekly as I’ve been trying to get these comments posted since Jan. 25. Today is Feb. 11. The article was published Jan. 20) saying my comments could not be posted because they are potentially libelous, but that he now wants me to send him copies of my comments so that he can paste them in.

    There are many research links in the two-part comment that I would like to leave on the main site for other readers. I was very cordial and recorded many of the phone call interactions with FWW, actually.

    Teri? There is a particular man in your article who literally appears to be a perp. Moore is a registered sex offender complete with tattooed tear drop coming out of his eye. How did you find that guy? He ran a smear campaign on a leading member in the TI community using very common perping tactics such as name calling (one thing he called her was a whore among many others) and claiming others were doing to him what he, himself was actually perpetrating, and yet that same guy showed up in your article? Interesting coincidence isn’t it? There are many people claiming to be TI’s who actually are not in order to attempt to keep this global torture and trafficking network from being discovered by the public. They attack TI’s and try to make TI’s look delusional in order to keep the torture/trafficking network going.

    Teri? Did you get benefit for writing this article in any way from the defense or law enforcement, or medical industry, or through anyone at FWW in ANY way via an EMF targeting business making money off of people you are doing a hit piece on? I’m just wondering because these smear pieces are a regular occurrence against TI’s being used as medical guinea pigs in the Global Ai Arms Race to weaponize the brain nonconsensually and being slowly slaughtered unto their deaths. I believe this is a fair question that deserves an answer considering what is happening here. Are you, yourself “Targeting Targeted Individuals?” Is anyone else at FWW assisting in that effort?

    This population being slowly genocided includes children and elderly as well, and smear pieces on Targeted Individuals are very thinly veiled attempts to stop people being tortured to death from getting the message of what’s being done to them out to the public so that proper help cannot be obtained to shut down the global exploitation and depopulation gravy train. Humans as cash cows enslaved via EMF torture-trafficking and sabotage by a global crime syndicate- stasi, HUMINT (Human Intelligence) network making fat piles of cash from literally spreading misery as a business model is what you have assisted here with the article you wrote, in my opinion.

    At any rate, here is a link to the Fort Worth Weekly FB page where my comments are posted should anyone like to read them to take a look at the annotated url links and the short letter addressed to Teri Webster, the writer of this article. Sorry if you are not a FB reader. I’m not sure if you will be able to access the links I’ve provided if you are not on FB and will have to search each link out manually, I believe.

    Here’s an alternative link you may use of a different format from a letter I wrote about all this that has even more links and information-


    Tiffany Fontenot”

  28. “Tiffany,” if there is actual proof targeting exists, why not provide it, instead of attacking the people who put some information about it out there? Maybe you have in fact proven gangstalking is real. Your aggressive campaign, character assasination and baseless accusations are all classic symptoms of gangstalking. Much of the information you point to is mentioned in the FWW story I read. What you’re doing is a like a wife beater beating more women to try to prove wife beating exists.

  29. Folks, if you disparage someone by name or list their home address, we will not approve your comment. If you provide an active link to some blog, we will mark it as spam. This is not an outlet to attack other people online.

  30. Oh forgot . The contractors I’m talking about are Survivance roll players. Look it up. Do something for a change. Google it you will find that out government is hiring thousands of people with that job title. What in God’s name do you think they do. They use directed energy weapons and order the stalkers to destroy people . Get a clue man . Wake the hell up. Right now they are cutting short the lives of many hundreds even thousands of lives . We are being put through things consistent with the job title of roll player in fact it couldn’t be anymore in your face than that get s clue before this is rolled out onto the entire population because that’s what’s planned.


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