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Blogging “Black Swan” (Finale)

Kristian Lin
I issued a SPOILER WARNING earlier but now seems like a good time to repeat it: ALL THE PLOT DEVELOPMENTS ARE GIVEN AWAY IN THIS POST. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 • A brief shot of Nina trying and failing to make herself thro...

Tarrant County AIDS Walk

Jimmy Fowler
With the Texas state legislature pondering some truly frightening cuts in funding for HIV/AIDS programs, the need for private donations has never been greater. Fort Worth’s AIDS Outreach Center will present its 19th Annual Ta...

Pat Green Picks And Grins At Billy Bob’s

Jeff Prince
The star power was low wattage for a red carpet party, but last night’s 30th anniversary celebration at Billy Bob’s Texas was a hoot nonetheless. Who needs a parade of A-listers when you’ve got Steve Murrin, H...

A Small but Significant Win for Palazzolo

It’s not a big win, but it’s a win nonetheless and Joe Palazzolo needs a few these days. The former assistant principal and whistleblower at Arlington Heights High School here whose firing by Superintendent Melody Johnson w...

“The Room” at Ridgmar Tavern

Jimmy Fowler
There are two kinds of great bad movies. The first kind is cheap crap turned out by a cynical director to make a quick buck. (That would be much of what Mystery Science Theater 3000 showed back in the ‘90s). The second is low...