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Eddie Murphy to Host Oscars

Kristian Lin
The news dropped this morning that Eddie Murphy will host next February’s Academy Awards ceremony, and the entire Twitternetinterwebversethingy lit up. Great pick, says NextMovie. Exciting and unpredictable, says Anne Tho...

R.I.P., Salvatore Licitra

Kristian Lin
Sad news from the world of Italian opera, as tenor Salvatore Licitra passed away yesterday. The 43-year-old singer suffered a stroke last week while driving his scooter near the city of Ragusa, on the island of Sicily. The inju...

Houston Kills Red Light Cameras

Jeff Prince
Houston might be hot, muggy, and beauty challenged, but at least residents and city leaders there have enough sense there to get rid of red-light cameras. Most Metroplex cities, including Fort Worth and Arlington, continue shov...

Mother Jones Bends Fort Worth Over Knee

Jeff Prince
Nonprofit news organization Mother Jones is spanking Fort Worth and Texas in this story for allowing the oil and gas industry to use millions upon millions of gallons of water to drill for natural gas while the state is stagger...


Thoughts on the Prices of Movie Tickets

Kristian Lin
We moan about how the ticket prices at our movie theaters are constantly going up, but let’s face it: They’re still a bargain compared to tickets for most stage plays, rock concerts, sports events, or any other entertai...

Stage West Expands

Jimmy Fowler
Fans of Stage West are about to get more of it in almost every sense. The theater has announced it will expand into the space next door, moving its rehearsal space, offices, and scene shop into the 823 West Vickery address. The...

British Theater Comes to the Modern

Kristian Lin
Intriguing theater news just dropped in my inbox, and it’s so fresh that the organizations involved haven’t posted it yet on their websites. The National Theatre of Great Britain will broadcasts four live performanc...

How Long, Fall Weather, How Long?

Jimmy Fowler
Today is the first day of September, and that means I’m done with the brutal summer of 2011. The fall season doesn’t officially begin for another three weeks or so, I know. But now that September’s finally here, I’m det...