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Seeking Boys for New Band

Anthony Mariani
98 Degrees is reuniting for a summer tour. One Direction will perform at Gexa Energy Pavilion in late June. Eric Griffey (Rivercrest Yacht Club) and singer-songwriter Carey Wolff (ex-Woodeye, The Grackles) are writing the scrip...

Visionary Awards Pics

Anthony Mariani
That camera that we (read: I) misplaced last Thursday? Well, it was right where I left it: at Malone’s Pub, the site of our post-Visionary Awards festivities. Thanks to Weekleteers Carrie Mae Rehorn-Overcash and Jeff Prin...

1919 Swap Meet

Jimmy Fowler
George Carlin did a very famous routine about all the crap we collect over a lifetime. He summed it up this way: “The meaning of life is trying to find a place for your stuff.” If you’re interested in unloading some of yo...

Casey James Back

Jeff Prince
Season 11 of American Idol is ginning along, introducing viewers to a new batch of singers, all but a few of them extremely average. Meanwhile, one of the best former Idol contestants is back among us. Fort Worth’s own Ca...

Crawling With Flavor

Jimmy Fowler
Have you heard that Starbucks is drawing righteous anger from health advocates because some of its products contain a red food dye made partially from crushed insects? I don’t even know where to begin here, people, except to ...

Oklahoma Women Win One in War on Reproductive Rights

“When it comes to fighting for reproductive rights, there’s often no sweeter word than ‘unconstitutional,’” wrote spokesperson Nancy Northup in a press release from the Center for Reproductive Rights today, an...

Prairie Fest Debuts New Old Look This Weekend

Jeff Prince
Prairie Fest — Fort Worth’s only large outdoor festival that isn’t a city-sponsored event or paid for by corporations — has gotten too big for its britches. What began seven years ago as a small celebrat...

Wrath of the Titans opens Friday.

Film Shorts

OPENING: Better Than Something: Jay Reatard (NR) Alex Hammond and Ian Markiewicz’ documentary profile of the punk musician. (Opens Friday in Dallas) Detachment (NR) The first fiction film in 14 years by Tony Kaye (American Hi...

Zoé Héran and Jeanne Disson play kids’ games in Tomboy at Four Day Weekend Theatre, Wed.

Night & Day

WED ▪ 28 French filmmaker Céline Sciamma made an impressive debut a few years ago with her lesbian-themed drama Water Lilies. Her strongly reviewed latest film, Tomboy, about a 10-year-old girl who lets kids in her new neigh...


The Corporate phase

Last Call
If you’ve been drinking for a while (for years, I mean; not, like, since lunch), at some point you have conversations with fellow nightflies about your respective boozing phases. I realized this the other day when Jägermeist...