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Dru B Shinin’s All American is an insta-classic.

Killer or Filler?

Instrumental guitarwork, hip-hop, and proto-punk albums are coming at you from the Fort.
Fort Worth Weekly Staff and Contributors
Darrin Kobetich’s The Longest Winter The title of guitarist Darrin Kobetich’s latest self-released album, The Longest Winter, suggests the musician might be applying his considerable powers of fretwork to the subject of des...

Bose: “I thought, ‘The president knows me!’” Jeff Prince

Researching Motivation

A Fort Worth high schooler is well on her way to a science career.
Look no further than Shree Bose for proof that motivation and perseverance can open wondrous doors. The Fort Worth Country Day School senior spent her high school summers volunteering at a science lab and working on cancer rese...

Jim Malone’s “Meteor Shower”


Artspace 111
The old Western theme of wide open spaces gets an airing in Artspace 111’s current exhibition, Sky Blue Sky, featuring 50 works in various media that give a plentiful view of the sky. You’ll have to hurry to catch this one,...

Alex from Sioux City navigates the perils of junior high in Bully.

Bully for You

This documentary aims for importance but falls short.
This review is dedicated to my seventh-grade English teacher, who told her class one day that bullied students deserved no pity because they were too weak to stand up for themselves. This is the guidance I was getting as a smal...

Michael Ealy and Taraji P. Henson try to figure out the rules of dating in "Think Like a Man."

Think Like a Man: Harvey’s Rules

This ensemble comedy shows black actors deserving better roles.
Where are the good movies about African-Americans? The answer is far longer than this space will allow for, but one major reason is that Caucasian-dominated Hollywood doesn’t know how to market films about African-Americans t...


Death by Indifference

Another prisoner dies at Carswell amid allegations of medical neglect.
Betty Brink
The last time Melissa Ross saw her daughter, Loukeithia “Kikki” Felts, she could barely breathe. “She was in a wheelchair, trying to breathe in deep, gulping gasps. She told me she was in a lot of pain,” Ross said. Earl...

A live blue crab crawls up to say hello to a crabcake of his fallen brothers, surrounded by pan-seared red snapper, Alaskan king crab, jumbo snow crab claws, and an Electric Blue Martini. Tony Robles

Blu Waters

Sophistication and flavor are on tap at the new Blu Crab.
Victor Nguyen, Eric Nguyen, and Henry Pham, proprietors of The Blu Crab Seafood House & Bar, picked an interesting nest for their fledgling restaurant. The new joint occupies the space on Camp Bowie Boulevard where Café As...

Ged Quinn’s “Ouranophobia” is part of the Modern’s Focus.

Ged Into Nature

Big Ticket
At first blush, Ged Quinn’s paintings look like wholly traditional works of art, still lifes and landscapes influenced by Caspar David Friedrich and (the artist with whom he’s most frequently compared) Claude Lorrain. Yet l...

“B Hall” is Brackenridge Hall, a dorm on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin. Many famous Texans, including former Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn and university president Harry Benedict, lived there. Though the hall has long since been razed, fascination with its residents, especially its famous residents, is still strong. In the tradition of B Hall, dormmates stitched their names into each other’s pillows. “It sounds kinda strange now,” Byrd IV said, “but it was tradition.” The photograph was taken in 1905 by Byrd Jr.

UT Acquires Four Byrds

A photo from each of the Williams generations lands in the esteemed Ransom Center.
Anthony Mariani
Fort Worth photographer and Fort Worth Weekly contributor Byrd Williams IV represents the fourth generation in a family of professional photographers dating back to the turn of the 20th century. (Each photographer has been name...

Dallas Cowboys Want Your E-Waste

Jeff Prince
Ah, Earth Day, welcome back. I’ve missed you. Mother Earth has become so distracted by global warming that she forgot winter exists. She’s so confused. Sims Recycling Solutions is celebrating Earth Day 2012 by attem...