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Halstead Commended in the “Advocate”

Jimmy Fowler
Public officials who make stupid remarks about minority groups are often branded with the “bigot” label — sometimes deservedly so. But the real rarity is a leader who owns up to mistakes and then tries to move forwar...

New owners are coming in to take over The Shamrock Tavern, renaming it The Abbey Pub.

Matt’s Pub Coming to West 7th

Anthony Mariani
In the hot spot of the West 7th corridor sits a mini-hot spot of sorts that we like to call Carroll Corner, a small cluster of bars at the corner of West 7th and Carroll streets that are all within empty beer bottle-tossing dis...

1-fort worth

For First Time, Cities Outgrowing Suburbs (FW catching up)

Andrew McLemore
Most of the country’s cities are growing faster than their suburbs for the first time in a century, according to Census numbers released Thursday. It’s especially true in Texas, with six cities  in the top 15 citie...


“Mistakes Were Made” at Circle

Jimmy Fowler
Circle Theatre’s area premiere of Mistakes Were Made will close this Saturday (June 30). Craig Wright’s comedy about a New York stage producer trying to salvage his professional and personal life with an ill-conceived Broad...


Alliterative Attorney Articulates Defense

Jeff Prince
The next time you run for office, apply for a job, or enthrall a barroom crowd with tall tales, feel free to brag about the entire cell of terrorists you killed with your bare hands in Afghanistan. And go ahead and mention the ...


Video game plot manifested by UT professor

Andrew McLemore
In one of the documentary-style trailers for the upcoming video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II, military experts foretell disaster when terrorists hackers remotely commandeer thousands of U.S. drones. Now, the plot lines of wa...


Romo Gets Backhanded Compliment

Jeff Prince
  Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre says the quarterback most like him is Dallas Cowboys qb Tony Romo. Ouch. Romo idolized Favre while growing up and is probably thrilled by the compliment. But when I think ...

The Amazing Spider-Man opens Friday.

Film Shorts

Fort Worth Weekly
OPENING: The Amazing Spider-Man (PG-13) The series re-starts with Andrew Garfield starring as high-school student Peter Parker as he first becomes the superhero and seeks to learn the fate of his missing parents. Also with Emma...


Night & Day

WED ▪ 27 Weren’t the Detroit Tigers supposed to have the best offense in the majors by now? Injuries have reduced last year’s AL Central champions to a .500 team, but they’re still dangerous, and they’ll be thinking a...


Longshots? Hardly

So our 10th Annual Music Awards Festival has come and gone, and I’m still patting myself on the back for being in all the right places at the right times and catching some amazing performances –– and also kicking myself i...