Hitchiking Beats Flying American Airlines?

Posted September 19, 2012 by Jeff Prince in Blotch

Nine out of 10 travelers say they prefer hitchhiking to flying American Airlines.

“I recently hitchhiked from Fort Worth to Schenectady in 72 hours,” said frequent traveler Sor Pheat. “I was robbed in Little Rock, and I was goosed in a truck stop restroom near Danville, VA. But the trip was still more enjoyable than flying American.”

Ok, ok, I made all that up. Things aren’t that bad at the carrier. Yet.

Still, travelers are canceling flights at American Airlines, worried about the strife between pilots and the Fort Worth-based company.

A Wall Street Journal report describes American’s operation as “unreliable” and  “in shambles” and advised travelers to shun the carrier.

The report says pilots are purposely mucking things up to disrupt the company, which is in bankruptcy court and, as usual, battling with union employees over pay.


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