Hungering for Change

Going on a water-only hunger strike for 32 days made Ted Glick, co-founder of the Climate Crisis Council, feel extremely weak – but nowhere near as bad as he felt when he realized that his efforts, and that of 200 other c...

Cross about the Crossing

Most folks who live near railroad tracks grow weary of getting blasted by train horns day and night. So when Fort Worth’s railroad projects manager Russell Wiles shows up in a neighborhood offering to establish a so-calle...

Small Help for Small Wind

  The idea of harnessing wind energy conjures up, in many people’s minds, visions of sweeping West Texas plains filled with massive windmills perpetually spinning their 150-foot blades. But those monoliths have smaller c...

House of Cards

When his boss Jay Chapa fired former city housing director Jerome Walker on May 7, he did it in a hotly worded letter outlining a litany of wrongdoings by Walker that added up to one scary bottom line for the city: Walker had o...

E-mail Trail

Pablo Lastra
When Bob Mhoon e-mailed several Tarrant County College officials in April, the firebrand critic of the college district was hoping for action. But he wasn’t expecting the reaction he eventually got – including what ...

A Bright Win for Poly

*****O N L I N E   E X C L U S I V E ***** Gary Braudaway’s brown hair is orange today. The principal of Fort Worth’s historic Polytechnic High School is sprouting a carrot top as a fulfillment of his promise to d...

Sunshine for the Zoo

A contract renegotiation between Fort Worth Zoo officials and city staff – or, perhaps, a lack of negotiation – has some residents suspecting monkey business.

Wheeling and Dealing

After years of inaction, Fort Worth, the land of pickup trucks and SUVs, may finally be ready to pump some air into the tires of a citywide bike system.

Target: Campus

Two generations ago, the protests on college campuses were about making love, not war, and one of the most radical groups went by the acronym of SNCC, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. But on North Texas college ca...

Kidnap, No Ransom

The drug war raging along the U.S.-Mexico border might seem distant to many in North Texas, but it landed squarely in one Fort Worth woman’s living room in late February, when her grown son, a U.S. citizen, was kidnapped ...