Unlocking History

Heritage Park in downtown Fort Worth may be coming back to life, two years after it was closed to the public. And the rebirth is a product of the joining of forces of historic preservationists and downtown business leaders, two...

Pounds and Premiums

Andrew McLemore
As the estimated cost of the Trinity River Vision project climbs toward $1 billion, an unexpected benefit could soon emerge: lower car insurance premiums.

In Park?

The 2,000-acre patch of tall-grass prairie near Lake Benbrook that Jarid Manos took on as a cause four years ago still hasn’t been bought by environmental groups, turned into a park, or otherwise saved from development. B...

Bees in Their Bottom Line

Carefully placing his homemade bottle of mead on the table, Tim Hall whips out two glasses embellished with honeybees. As he proudly pours his drink, his words come out in a rush. The dozens of bee hives in Hall’s backyar...

Waiting for Answers

Three months after their son died, Michael Jacobs Jr.’s parents still have obtained no ruling on his cause of death. That means they can’t get a payout from his modest insurance policy to help reimburse the individu...

Land Mines on the Bluff

Just when it seems there couldn’t be any more mines buried in the Tarrant County College downtown campus battlefield, oops, another one is tripped. The one revealed this week was buried quietly more than two years ago by ...

Needed: New Nudists

Brown hills, like the crimped rim of a pie, made a privacy fence around the resort as it baked in the 105-degree heat. But at the end of a dusty gravel road, a swimming pool and icy drinks promised cool refreshment for Wildwood...

Buzz Cuts

Todd LaRose loves watching the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels at the Alliance Airport air shows. It’s easy for LaRose to see them every year because he lives about a mile southeast of the airport, on the opposite side o...

Hungering for Change

Going on a water-only hunger strike for 32 days made Ted Glick, co-founder of the Climate Crisis Council, feel extremely weak – but nowhere near as bad as he felt when he realized that his efforts, and that of 200 other c...

Cross about the Crossing

Most folks who live near railroad tracks grow weary of getting blasted by train horns day and night. So when Fort Worth’s railroad projects manager Russell Wiles shows up in a neighborhood offering to establish a so-calle...