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CBS Caught Between Tim Tebow, Gay Dating Site

Kristian Lin
Well, this is amusing. Earlier, CBS approved an anti-abortion ad to run during the Super Bowl featuring Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mother. The network is acting in accordance with their newly relaxed policy on advo...

Re-Branding Cattle

Chow, Baby
Well, that calm after the hyphen storm didn’t last long. Here’s Chow, Baby’s latest wild-eyed rant: In case you didn’t know it, Angus is just a breed of cow. Like Hereford, Jersey, Holstein, Elsie. Hones...

The Shack Is Wack

Kristian Lin
RadioShack recently unveiled its new marketing campaign rebranding itself as “The Shack,” and it doesn’t seem to be going over well. As Conan O’Brien pointed out last night, “This is for people who...